How honest are you on your blog?

Someone, I believe it was Curt, asked me how honest I am on my blog: Pretty damn honest. I have friends worry that I tell too much. But how else am I to fulfill the mission of this blog? What would be the point of undermining one series of misconceptions by creating new ones?

I treat this writing space the same way I treat a dance studio and a theater stage: It is a space for me to share myself with people who are interested in what I have to say. I create performance art based on autobiographical material. Intimates in my audiences will shake their heads at the details I reveal in my work. But I am accustomed to being naked in front of audiences. I don’t have anything to lose or to hide. I’m not running for public office (I’ve been far too forthright about my life to ever be able to do that in the United States… a pity, since transparency would be a welcome change in our politicians).

So, to put this issue to rest: The only agenda I have on this website is to encourage patrons to see adult entertainers as people. I am faulted. I have talents. I am strong in some ways, but weak in others. I like people, even though many of them hurt me, and if I tell you what I’ve experienced, then you can bank on its being real. One of the observations I ran into at UCLA: The same professor who said I was “begrudgingly brilliant” also noted that my stories sound like fairy tales, not only because I’ve had an interesting life, but because I enjoy the telling as much as the living.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Do you ever feel like being so honest has hurt you more than it’s helped? If so,have you contemplated with just how much of the truth you should reveal? I agree that honesty is the best policy –but nobody ever said providing samples of the truth is worse than disclosing the truth in its entirety; especially if that prevents you from being suseptible to the hurt & pain inflicted onto you by others. Just a thought..

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  2. devon,
    always be true to who you are and maintain your principles to the very end. i have gone through much (sorrow and pain) in my life. my psychologist is amazed no matter what is launched at me, i never waiver from my principles and core beliefs. when he pointed that out to me in one of our recent sessions, i responded by saying that to waiver or modify my principles or core beliefs just to make a situation easier on me would be dishonest and not who i am. my principles and core beliefs define who i am and as i told him, i may not be perfect, but i like the person that i am; after all, god doesn’t make junk and i am a child of god. yes, god even has gay children. devon, always be yourself, you are awesome.

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  3. thanks to you both for your comments… curt, yes, i consider that all the time, but that’s not the type of work i make: part of the reason some people connect with me as an artist/person is because i’m not afraid of going to the places other people avoid (well, i’m afraid, but i don’t let it stop me). yes, i’ve been bitten for it from time to time, but over all i’d say i’ve gained more than i’ve lost.

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