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What was it like when you first danced naked?

– C

Hello  C!

Well, there are different firsts. When I first danced in any state of undress at all (back in those innocent beginning days – HA!), I was standing backstage in a thong on the verge of throwing up. I heard them call my name, and for about three seconds I just stood there (remember: at that time I was still struggling with anorexia), fearing that people would boo, hiss, laugh, etc. After another short breath, I stepped out onto the stage, and got dizzy for about half a moment. But then it passed as I started moving: I fell into performance mode. And then it was fine.

Fast forward to Swinging Richards: That was my first experience with total nudity. Again, I was scared. But not to be naked. It was because the other dancers were so intimidating, not to mention that the manager is gruff. But again, I went into performance mode, and the cold sweat on my palms stopped distracting me. It was liberating, actually.

The next first was Secrets. Not only are you nude there, but you have to maintain an erection. I really had zero butterflies. By that point it was no longer a point of anxiety. Actually, I enjoy dancing at Secrets more than Swinging Richards. There’s something oddly satisfying about being able to play with yourself in front of people (which is absolutely not allowed on stage at Richards, at least not once your undies come off). By the end of the night I can’t stand touching my penis anymore. It’s numb.

Anyway, once you get past the initial trepidation, nudity is natural and has a healing effect (at least for me). Being completely “vulnerable” forces you to really know yourself (or to completely retreat behind walls… it’s a rather 50-50 chance you take). Beyond that, the only complaints I have about dancing nude at this point is when the damned clubs crank the A/C. It gets COLD!

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. i am glad you like dancing at secrets as i like having you in the area. the ac can be a double edge sword. you will have to work harder to keep it up, but the nipples respond awesomely……lol

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  2. you know, i was just thinking that thought: the balls shrink, but the skin/nips look taut… six of one, half a dozen of the other… what can you do?? lol

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  3. Its an impressive feat to maintain an erection, while dancing in front of crowd… sounds like way to much focus (i.e the music, pleasing the crowd, and making sure “willy” is the center of attention). i suppose the first and third example satisfies the second option. lol

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  4. all i know is that devon is a fantastic entertainer and his equipment is always the center of attention and at attention. he is so damn sexy.

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