Gay-sek-shul, bi-sek-shul, buy-sek-shul, & pay-sek-shul


Many, if not most, male exotic dancers in gay clubs are straight. Case in point: At Swinging Richards in Atlanta only 5-10 of the 60-65 dancers like men. I often get asked, “How can a truly straight guy allow men to touch him?” It’s quite simple: Until the mid-19th century there was no such concept as identity based on sexuality. No one was homosexual. The term itself didn’t exist until 1869. Although no one was homosexual as we understand it, there were plenty of people participating in same-sex intercourse and romances. Here’s what you need to know if you’re trying to explain to yourself how it’s possible to rationalize wanting that dancer whom you simply can’t accept is heterosexual: Many straight men do not equate sexual activity with sexual identity. In this way they can be in homoerotic scenarios and still maintain that they’re straight. That’s how straight guys can have circle jerks and all sorts of other bizarre mating rituals in the locker room and on the football field and still come out “okay.”

Now, let’s look at the title of this blog…


Gay men like dick. Period. Vah-jay-jay is horrid to us. Period. (God, did I just say period after mentioning putang? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little… The only time I have never been queasy thinking about a bleeding muff is when Janet Jackson sang “My swagger is serious, somethin’ heavy like a first day period” in her song “Feedback.” You can see that video on my site!)

Bisexual guys can get into either boiz or grrrlz, and genuinely like either – bisexuality is a true sexuality. It is not simply an excuse to get laid more.


Buy-sexual is a whole other matter… Buy-sexual men do not actually like men – they simply accept gifts from them. They do not generally sleep with men. They simply allow gay men to fawn over them. “Buy-me-a-present-sexual” is a straight guy who encourages courtship but never puts out.
Pay-sexual, however… well… Anyway, you can figure out the rest on your own.

Author: Devon Hunter

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