A rose by any other name…

I have been asked repeatedly how I decided to use the name Devon Hunter, and in the aftermath of the Sean Cody discussion I should finally tell this story. You see, someone has decided (in a fit of revenge) to release my legal name to the public. I have been waiting for someone to finally expose my personal business to the world, without consideration for my safety (and all because I have dared to describe the ways in which gay-for-pay pornography is destructive to gay men). Shame on you, sir. Shame on you. You are my gay brother, but I am ashamed of you.


My name is (edited). My entire family knows about my career, as do almost all of my friends. I chose the name Devon, because I knew a man by that name who was beautiful but humble; I chose Hunter, because I knew one who was not particularly handsome, but confident nonetheless; and I thought putting them together in one person would be the ideal for which I would strive. So, now if you want to waste your time looking all my private information up, you can knowing that internalized homophobia has put me at the center of the target, but that I’m still here and I won’t stop blogging about my experiences in the adult entertainment industry.

I do not back down from intimidation.

I don’t have anything to hide. Shame on you, sir. Shame on you. I hope this decision you have made will further illustrate why models should NOT work for your homophobic company.

Click here to see how Sean Cody may try to hurt you if you speak about their homophobic practices.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. honesty is the best policy. kudos to you!

    take much care! x

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  2. Wait. Wait. Was your personal info revealed today? Who did they give it to? Do you know who did it. Sorry for all the questions, but that’s low down.

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  3. Click the link in the blog entry.

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  4. I would also blame QC about releasing your name…they could have also blanked out ur last name at least, but alas its too late.

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  5. You’ve obviously hit a nerve with Sean Cody. This has been on several sites. Most the comments about the posts you made have been very supportive. The only people fooled are the ones who willfully ignore the truth to maintain their “less than” fantasy.

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  6. It is really evil by Sean Cody to reveal your name, but I find it even worse that QueerClick chooses to keep it public in SC’s reply and publish it in its blog. If it hadn’t been for QC outing you in this respect, we would never have known your name in the first place. The biggest shame falls on QueerClick.

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  7. I think most people are realizing what a sleazy move it was to use your real name. The VP comes across pretty defensive. I think they are using this to gain some attention.

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  8. T, I think turnabout is fair play. I hope people start posting other model’s names now that sean cody has shown they have no problem with it.

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  9. I should have hit the link before asking. My mistake.

    Wow. Not much to say is there. They could have easily made their comments minus your name, but I guess they want to be jerky about it.

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  10. Jack, I’ve differed with you about some of this stuff, but I think Sean Cody went way over the line by outing you. Sleazy people, for sure.

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  11. Henrick, if I had to guess I’d say that Queerclick is gladly doing it. They have a very close relationship to Sean Cody. They moderate all the comments and if you try to make a comment that is even slightly negative about a Sean Cody update it is shut down. Remember a few years ago when the fratmen model’s name was released, the one that was a national champion wrestler? Queerclick kept his name hidden even though it was on the national news. No, QueerClick, for some reason, has picked a side.

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  12. Why didn’t they post the VP’s name? I know his name, but I am respecting his privacy. Explain that inconsistency to me in terms that don’t utterly defy logic.

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  13. Here’s what I just wrote on QueerClick’s site. Let’s see if they publish it. I believe you Devon and am glad you wrote about what happened. Maybe it’ll help those who are trying to get into the industry.
    “If SC is comfortable with revealing an actor’s name (and QueerClick, you could have blanked it out instead of printing it so QueerClick is just as responsible!) than think about it… SC doesn’t give a crap about the actor’s privacy. So one can extrapolate that and think what else does SC not care about with regards to the actor(s). It brings more truth to what Devon has been saying.

    SC (and QueerClick) should have taken the high road.”

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  14. QUEERCLICK has always been a shill for the homophobic Buddy Profits and Sean Cody. Buddy Profits’s slogan is “straight guys make you money”. The entire concept is homophobic. How do you think they have won so many Cybersocket awards? QC promotes all the Next Door sites even Cody Cummings straight scenes. About 6 months ago they demanded that visitors stop complaining about Cody/Next Door but encourage the trashing of Jake Cruise/Cocksure Men and Randy Blue scenes/models. I understand it is their business but they seem to promote and censor comments for Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, and all the Buddy Profits(Next Door) sites but add their own nasty commentary on other sites. In return BP and SC give them awards or pay them for the promotion. Check the Alexa clickstream and you will see that a big percentage of Next Door/Cody Cummings traffic comes directly from their promotion. I know their was an expected upclick on the days they would feature a scene.

    They completely overstepped here and it further fuels my disgust with them and Sean Cody. Thank you for standing up and telling your story. I have no experience with Sean Cody and now I’m glad. I know how much of that type of mistreatment occurs everyday with some studios. I have told my stories of behind he scenes at Next Door before and people generally ask “Why didn’t the models just quit?” Because when you work for ND are doing several shoots over the course of a week. How many of us would give up 6 to 7 paychecks? Unlike Sean Cody that gets you to sign an exclusive for a year were the model might shoot 1 or 2 scenes or the model might shoot 5 with ND the model knows they are going to do a solo, a scene with Tommy, likely a scene with Mason, Service Cody’s ego, and one or two other scenes over the course over a week usually a threesome or foursome scene or maybe a ND Buddies scene with another model. If the one gay model makes a stink about the way they are treated as opposed the the way the three straight guys are treated then who is likely to be sent home without pay? They like their straight boys and pretty much look at the gay performers as a necessary but unpleasant component like condoms, lube, and paper towels.

    I have heard many complaints about how much certain shoots cost because of shoot times and model fees when they use gay4pay performers. They KNOW that the straight guy is going to take longer to get the job done but they will keep hiring the same straight guy and change the gay performer. It baffles the mind. Like saying the tub is to hot so they drain it half way down but fill it with hot water again. Why would it be better the next time? I’ve been told that they could have filmed 3 scenes in the same time. If the guys can’t do the job and treat their scene partner with respect then don’t lie to the members and edit it so the he looks good. This isn’t as big an issue at Next Door because they do it assembly line style. Compare the photos to the video they always take place somewhere completely different with different positions. The scenes for ND Buddies, Mason, Tommy, Cody will be shot in the same bed with white bedding or the black leather couch. Strip the linen, Lysol the couch, and bring in the next set of models, repeat tomorrow. The straight guys only really need about 15 to 20 minutes of “hard” footage with around 3 to 4 position/angle changes including oral. I’m sure if a model has bottomed 4 times that week then blowing Cody for 30 minutes seems a better alternative to bottoming again no matter how humilating and disconnected.

    So keep speaking out. It is the only way things are going to change for the better. I know this is a long comment but I can’t believe anyone thinks this kind of behavior is acceptable when there are better ways that would be Pro-gay and get a superior product.

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  15. Thank you, Eric and Scott. Eric, I am sorry to know this, but I have heard it many times before. A while back I wrote an entry called “The balance of bisexuality,” but I wrote it before I had gotten into video work. Although my sentiments about bisexuality have not changed, I am embarrassed that I used Cody Cummings as my example. But I don’t change the blogs I post, except to fix typos or add noted edits and updates, so hopefully people with sense will understand my message without being confused by the mascot.

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  16. Sean Cody comes off looking sleazier than ever. The need to expose and attack you pretty much confirms that what you wrote about your experience was true. The publicity is going to be bad for him. What “straight guy” is going to want to work for an organization that publishes their real names? Don’t pay any attention to the negativity-or any of the stupid comments on Queerclick. The whole pay the straight guy to have gay sex is about the most pathetic thing a gay producer like Sean Cody can do to make money and is damaging to everyone involved. You will come through this just fine. xoxo

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  17. The low-lifes at Queerclick have removed your real name. A bit late!

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  18. I just came across you blog and I find it to be very enjoyable. You seem to be a happy, proud, well balanced and out gay man. The whole gay-for-pay porn thing bothers me. And I try to avoid sites that push the concept-though today, that is almost impossible. I have never suscribe to Sean Cody and after reading your posting, I never will. Why pay your hard earned money to a site, that has a problem with gay men. I have no interest in straight men, and I have never understood the fascination some gay and bi men have with the whole thing. Give me gay and bi men who are proud of their sexuality and enjoy having sex with men. You keep doing what you are doing. And keep your head high. By the way, the picture they have of you on QC, prove one thing-You Are A Damn Fine Mofo!

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  19. The comments over at QC aren’t all negative. I have a feeling the one that claims to “know” Devon is just the same person posting over and over. Or it’s SC posting some negative stuff to make it seem like they have loyal fans.

    Either way it’s sad that so many gay men are okay with seeing other gay men treated poorly and being told they aren’t as good as straight men.

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  20. Possibly there should be a nationwide campaign to get responsible gay men to withdraw their memberships in Sean Cody. That would truly provide some retribution where it hurts the most…..in their pocket

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  21. ^^^ What Mike said! That’s the part that just amazes me. I ‘know’ internalized homophobia exists but I’ve never seen it on display quite like this. It kinda reminds me of battered wife syndrome.

    And as for what “Service Cody” (hahah, I’ll be using that from now on!) did, it looks like it’s just a bit of sweat over this threat to their golden goose (i.e. the homos that slaver away and pay good money to be mocked). So as negative as releasing your real name was, you can take pleasure in knowing that you clearly hit the target. And, it hurt.

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  22. Hi Devon,

    I am sorry about what happened to you with regards to your real name being published.That being said, I feel that unlike being gay, doing porn and being an escort is a choice one makes,and I do not feel that it is a good choice. Sex should be with someone you love, lust, or at least desire in some way,shape or form.When sex is done as a business transaction, it, ironically enough, cheapens it.

    I don’t know anyhing about you, but I am saying this because,now this may sound hypocritical, but I fell in love with a male escort awhile back. What a huge mistake that was.I won’t go into the gory details, but suffice it to say it did not end well.

    You seem like a nice enough guy, and you are very attractive,but you also seem to be intelligent, and while I am no saint, I believe that this incident may be a wake up call for you to possibly do something else with your life.Something better.

    Thanks for listening.

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  23. I am the Features Editor from QueerClick who accidentally published Devon’s real name. I say “accidentally” because I swear that it was 100% an honest mistake—a horrible, inexcusable, and irreversible mistake, but one that was not made out of malice or a desire to “side” with Sean Cody.

    It’s true that Sean Cody is an advertiser with our site and when we decided to run the article, we decided to present it in as unbiased a way as possible—to present Devon’s side and Sean Cody’s side without championing either one. Unfortunately both I and another editor at QueerClick overlooked the mention of Devon’s real name in the response from Sean Cody’s VP. It was not until I looked at the comments after the post had been published for several hours that I realized our horrible mistake.

    I’m not trying to excuse us for what we’ve done. As someone pointed out, we respected Nash the Fratmen wrestler’s true identity during our breaking of that story and it is our policy NOT to out any person who works under an alias. Though we’ve changed the post now, it is too late.

    In trying to set things as right as they can be now, Today I am writing a personal apology to Devon abjectly asking for his forgiveness. I will also be posting an official apology on QueerClick and personally making sure that no QComments get in with Devon’s real name from this point hence.

    I know I can never undo to Devon what pains my oversight will cause him and I will spend the rest of my professional career ensuring that I never unwittingly injure another as I have him. May he and the others I’ve disappointed find it in their hearts to forgive us.

    Alex Davidson

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  24. To Alex Davidson, While you may have removed his name from the article you need to take a look at the page address that appears in the address bar when you pull up the article.

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  25. To Alex Davidson, I just visited your home page for queerclick and linked to the article from the bottom of your home page. I there a reason Devon’s real name was removed from the quote from SC’s Vice Pres but QueerClick has not removed it from their article up at the top of the page. Guess this shows the amount of professionalism in your journalism.

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  26. Alex, Please now check the text of your article, directly under all the photos. You STILL have his name in the article in ()’s

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  27. Alex. Allow me to just say that I think you are totally full of shit. That does NOT “just happen”. What you are doing now is covering for Sean Cody because THEY now realize what they have done.

    1) They have set a standard by reacting this way. They have now made real names fair game. They regret that.

    2) They have made it harder to recruit. Because on top of all the other pressures that come along with doing porn, the model now has to deal with the fact that if they don’t play ball then Sean Cody will release their name.

    3) They have proven to the world that Devon hit a nerve with what they said.

    In a world with Google, Google Map and warped porn fans whose loyalty boarders on psychotic I hope both QC and SC are comfortable with what they have done.

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  28. Plus, just to show how full of shit you are, all the posts at the thread that mention the real name still have his first and last name.

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  29. It appears that the folks at QC are seriously doing their best to rectify the situation because I just came from there and I didn’t see any mentions of Devon’s full real name (though some of the posts still have his first name). I think what they probably tried to do at first was an edit/replace on the text of his full name but missed certain instances. I found the apology to be sincere and is worth taking at face value.

    As for the scum at Sean Cody, well, that’s another matter. As I wrote on the QC site, their response just confirmed I made the right decision in cancelling my SC membership.

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  30. Alex, I actually believe your story, but you can’t unring the bell. You’re damn right about it being “a horrible, inexcusable, and irreversible mistake.”

    See, even though I’ve differed with Jack/Devon, I’m from the (older) generation that held privacy to be pretty damn sacrosanct. The only departure I can sign on to if if a porn actor goes on to engage in outrageously hypocritical behavior later in life.

    In such cases, I think it’s okay, and even required, to expose them, including their actual identity. But Jack never even came close to meeting that standard.

    All he did was criticize the Sean Cody studio. Even though I disagree with some of his criticisms, it’s a sleazy, nasty, and utterly reprehensible thing that Cody’s studio, and its enablers did.

    I hope Sean Cody’s actions will be spread far and wide among those who work for them: Your identities are NOT confidential. At any time, for any reason, the Sean Cody studio might release your actual identity to the public.

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  31. I do believe Alex from QueerClick seems sincere in his apology. Sadly, it was a really, really, really big mistake. It’s pretty effed up.

    Of course the majorly effed up thing was SC mentioning Devon’s real name. Why not just refer to him as Devon in the first place?

    Hopefully, this wasn’t as bad as it appears to be, Devon. And your life has been affected only a minor way.

    Btw, you look younger than your 30s. Kudos to your genes and how you take care of yourself.

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  32. Devon: This has to be stressful for you on many levels. Keep taking good care of yourself. Obviously there are many people in the world who stand with you, including me. I found your articles captivating, believable, and quite well written. Your writing talents and experiential perceptions are intriguing. Stand tall.

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  33. Membership cancelled. Releasing a model’s real name against his wishes is unprofessional as hell. I can’t in good conscience do business with a producer that treats their talent in that fashion, knowing that my dollars are reinforcing such despicable behaviours.

    Besides, the straight fetish is kind of icky, hot guys or no.

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  34. Alex,

    After our private conversation via email I am satisfied that your apology is sincere, though the bell cannot be “unrung” (to use PW’s term). I note that I have not heard from the other parties involved, and this is unacceptable. I understand you have no control over their choices, but I needed to acknowledge (on behalf of the people who have spoken in my support) that the outrage against this is not unfounded.

    As this evolves, I want you to know that I do not hold grudges against mistakes that become learning experiences; however, this is exactly why I advocate for treating Adult Entertainers as human beings, not objects. This has been the consistent, on-going message and purpose of my entire blog from its inception.

    Thank you for taking the time to explain what happened.


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  35. As one of Devon/Jacks personal friends, that has known about him and his career from the begining of our friendship, I find what Sean Cody and QC did totally reprehensible. You don’t have the right to put my friends welfare in jeaopardy. It goes beyond just his life though that you effect, it effects his family, his friends, his work partners. Sure most of us have known and love him no matter what, that isn’t the issue, when you exposed him, you exposed all the people around him to scruitiny as well. There are far reaching ramifications to what you’ve done. When you make a porn stars personal information public you do more than open them up to scruitiny you open up their friends and family to it as well. Anonimity is the protection they have and you just made it clear that that means nothing to you. That you care for no one but yourselves and your own profits. Well I hope it costs you big, and that all your performers see you for the petty greedy people you really are and stop working with you. I have a lot of friends in the industry who I dont want to see get hurt by uncareing thoughtless and careless people. Believe me Sean Cody the word will get out about you its already happening….

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  36. @Alex Davidson

    “An honest mistake”?

    Devon’s real name was in the blog post title, wasn’t it? How exactly could it be “accidental”? Yes, you copy-pasted the response from Sean Cody’s VP. But someone actually put his name in the title (that’s why it appeared in the address). Frankly, it sounds like damage control to me.

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  37. Alex Davidson, you reek of a hot, steaming pile of fresh B.S.

    That “horrible, inexcusable, and irreversible mistake” you made will forever be my definition of you and QC as a person and as a website. It’s easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission, isn’t it?

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  38. Brave stuff. Devon, I was wondering if you had any words of advice for other gay adult entertainers. Today I discovered a lot of my DMCA-protected performances have been leaked (easily 50 to a 100 of them, some for private clients), and while I guess I always knew this was going to happen at some point, it still feels like such a trespass to see my pirated-self plastered around the web (thank goodness the clips are flattering!). It’s broken something – a trust with my audience, a compact of performing (theatre-geek here), and it feels like something’s been stolen. Obviously this does not compare with the malacious breach of privacy you faced with employers at Sean Cody, but I have read that erotic performers regularly face breaches of their copyright. Rocco Steele said he was taken aback by the plethora of pirated clips he found of himself (something he turned to good use in his branding) and, well, I wondered what your experience of stolen images etc is, and whether you had any advice on this, as your perspective is one that I value.

    P.S. I also want to say, I respect your time, so please do not answer this if it is not a topic that you wish to speak on, or if you don’t have time to respond. I’m the sort of guy who has left queues to get books signed by his favourite authors because once I got nearer the front, I saw how harried they were and much preferred that someone I admired *didn’t* have to spend time signing my copy of their book, and could get a few seconds to themselves. Thank you.

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    • Hey Randy – I have so many words of advice. LOL Anyway, there isn’t really much you can do in terms of the pirating (except to contact the individual sites hosting the videos and demand they be taken down for reasons of copyright infringement). I would suggest you turn this into a win: It’s lots of “free” exposure for you now, which you got paid to do when it was done (the reason I did the porn scenes I am in). As for the trust: That is something that is far more disturbing, in my opinion (but I’m an idealist). Personally, I wouldn’t work again with/for anyone who broke whatever “rules” were understood to be in place. The best you can do is decide how you want to use this to vet out future shoots, clients, and appointments. I’m sorry to hear your trust was broken, but I do think there are ways to look at this from a perspective of gain/opportunity.

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