Interview: Rocco Giovanni

Rocco Giovanni is an adult entertainer who has a background in dance, martial arts, exotic dance, and gay adult film. This is his exlusive interview with!

Devon Hunter: What titles do you have under your belt, and have you worked with any famous/notorious photographers?
Rocco Giovanni: I did three flicks with BG East a hundred years ago (, where I didn’t have the last name Giovanni. As for photographers, the one that I owe EVERYTHING to is Justin Monroe ( If not for working with him I would have never submitted my pics to Raging Stallion.

What is the title of your most recent film, and who produced it?
“Ink Stain” from Raging Stallion. It was directed by the incomparable Jake Dekard, who I will forever be indebted to for giving me this chance! He totally took a gamble on me at the last minute!

Do you identify with the description of you that is used to promote the film? I don’t know why, but I’d never thought of you as a “little bitch…” (“Scene 3: ‘Straight to Hell’ Big, bad, tatted, motherfucking Ricky Sinz and slim rocker-boy newcomer Rocco Giovanni star in a mashed-up homage of straight and gay porn. It’s a straightforward fuck and suck on a trashy red leather couch. Buckets of ink and sweat flow as Ricky tears into Rocco’s sweet young ass, fucking the little bitch every which way. Ricky seems right in his element here. It’s all dick-in-hole action, and if there’s anyone that can fuck hard, it’s our man Ricky.”)
Identify with it? I don’t think I could say that, but I think I played my part well. When standing Ricky and I next to each other, one can see why I would be cast like that. Personally I prefer to think of it as a Big Brother/Little Brother initiation type deal… even though I’m slightly older than him!

Adult entertainment is a career, much like any other. How is working in porn satisfying for you, and in what ways is it annoying? Would you like to continue in this work?
I’ve wanted to do porn since I was 16, so having finally done it at 28 was a goal accomplished. The traveling to, and seeing San Francisco, where Raging Stallion is, was great. And naturally, putting that check in my bank account was satisfying!

The work isn’t steady for me yet, so that’s slightly annoying. Hopefully that changes. It is also physically taxing work, but I love that… and I’ll tell you the bottle of wine and the pizza I had after we shot was some of the best food ever.

I most certainly hope to continue doing porn, and eventually moving into directing some as well.

If you could capture yourself in a scenario or narrative, how would you portray yourself? Where would you be? And would you find a way of connecting it to your interests outside of porn?
I would most certainly be on the hunt, the perfect weapon. Naturally, part of playing that role would mean putting myself in compromising situations, and many a battle has been lost because of pillow talk.
Most defintely it would be in an old world country, like Prague… think “Underworld,” and naturally at night. I’ll let your imagination run wild from there, because I’m getting a little wound up just thinking about it!

Did you connect with Ricky Sinz as a person, and is that kind of chemistry helpful or awkward on set?
Ricky was AMAZING! I really cannot say enough about how brilliant and stunning he is. His image on film is really interesting to me now that I can say I know him. We had some amazing conversations before and during filming. I think he is a very hot guy, so yeah I was physically attracted to him.That kind of respect and chemistry is helpful. What did make me feel awkward was that he had just come from winning a slew of awards, and had just been named Raging Stallion’s Man of the Year for 2009, and here’s little nobody me and my first scene is with him.

What are your particular goals, whether in adult entertainment or not, now that you have a major-studio production on your resume?
To travel more with the stripping and dancing gig. That was always one of the biggest reasons I wanted to do porn. Definitely to do more movies. And work on my own fitness certifications and things… doing a lot of investing in myself. And, as always, hopefully walking closer to the truth.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Grrr! AEBN doesn’t have “Ink Stain” yet!

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  2. patience, my lovely… i’m sure they will soon enough. in the meantime, you might find excerpts on the raging stallion site itself.

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  3. Post-trailer-viewing comments:

    *right eyelid twitching*
    *pupils fully dialated*
    *chuckling evilly every other minute*
    *rapid respiration*
    *heart thudding*
    *capillaries in the skin on my face tingling hot*
    *netherparts in embarrassing condition*


    Rocco! \m/ \m/ You get the double devil horns, baby! Rock on!

    And that was just the freaking trailer!

    Woe betide me when I see the whole film!

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  4. wow! that WAS intense… that one model had LOTS of prince tatoos… that fucking rocks!

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  5. Logan McCree… it’s been hinted that the Prince tattoos… may someday meet… the Madonna tattoos!

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