Bubba: I love my bubba.

dsc00062.JPGI think what I want this blog to do, more than anything else, is help people in general realize that adult entertainment is a job and career like any other. It has perks and challenges. It has all the same salient features as any other career, but the product/service you are selling is… YOURSELF.

That can be said of any sales person though.

With that said, I want to bring attention to the fact that networking, friendship, support systems, and office drama are all part and parcel with being an exotic dancer, or any other type of adult entertainer. You need allies in this field, just like you would in any other.

dsc00206-low-res.jpgI have an ally. He’s my friend. I love him like a brother. I’m so proud of him. He’s been performing now for a year, and he’s grown so much. He’s ambitious, but we keep each other grounded. We can tell each other anything, and I trust him. That’s not easy in any situation, let alone in clubs (which for some reason can attract some truly loathsome people).

scotty-and-devon.jpgAt any rate, Scotty is my friend. He’s my Bubba. Wherever possible, be sure to let your friends know that they matter. Without them you are diminished as a person. Be picky. Understand the term “friend” the way the French do: You can have┬ámany fond acquaintances (connaissances) and several buddies (copains), but only a very select few friends (amis). Avoid abusing the word friend. When you call a person a friend, let that, in and of itself, be the best compliment you could give him/her.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. You have the gift of communicating your convictions and in writing. You may very well have another career an accomplished novelist one day. I enjoy reading these blogs, and your thoughts about what a friend is. Best wishes to you, Justin.

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  2. Nothing better than a good friend who understands you.

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