Update on Reginald (Sapphires, part 2)

I was obsessed with a piece of jewelry. I bought it, despite some trepidation and guilt. And I do not regret it at all, now that I can wear it whenever I want (though I generally reserve it for special occasions). I believe someone expressed the doubt that it looked like something a “grandmother” would wear (although, for personal reasons, I’m offended more that someone would use the term grandmother in such a way rather than for implying I’d look like an older woman).

At any rate, this isn’t a long, analytical post about the state of affairs of LGBTQ exotic dancers in Tibet. This is simply a light update, because I’m in need of some light. Heavy, heavy, heavy weekend. Not something I’m in a place to discuss just yet. Once I sort out my thoughts I’m sure it will generate some interesting material. Until then, I present you with Reginald, the homeless sapphires I adopted this past Yule. They have a nice weight, and the designed metal plate on the back warms up against my throat nicely. It’s almost like the enhancer nuzzles my neck. It’s a comforting sensation, and oddly enough I feel naked after I take it off, as if part of me is chopped off. Strange…

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. There are two aspects of this. The first is the perception of it by others. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but it seems such a personal choice. I think it looks good because you clearly feel good wearing it and that shows. Additionally, I think you can ‘carry’ it well. I don’t mean that in a backhanded compliment manner as in “your looks supersede Reginald”.
    Secondly, as noted already, you like it, it is meaningful to you and it makes you happy. Do you need any external validation? I think not.

    I’ve had things that meant much to me on an internal level that others need not even know about, much less even understand. This is not a “Work it, baby!” item of decor.

    You like it and you deserve it. No more need be said.

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  2. Very tasteful. Is sapphire your birthstone, or is it a gem you simply like (I must admit I like it as well, more so than diamonds, and as much as emeralds)?

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  3. Baby, you wear it well. nuff said

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  4. my birth gem is pearl; however, i love all sorts of stones, precious or not. this particular enhancer called out to me – it has 3 colors of sapphire on it, and i like it’s shape/weight/proportions.

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  5. Beautiful.

    ‘Nough said.

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