I have a client who wants to take it out of the club…

pros.jpgFirst, I am not advocating prostitution. Second, I’m also not judging it. I’m simply going to ask you some (biased) questions that may help you to decide whether or not you want to leave the club and go to a private place:

  1. Do you really need the money that badly? It’s just money, afterall. Are you being greedy or lazy? Isn’t there some other way you could make the money? Do you need such a large amount of money (assuming that you’re charging what you’re worth, which is way more than $50)? What is the cycle you are starting by doing this?
  2. Have you evaluated all the risks? The legalities aside (which are problematic enough), do you know you’d be safe? At the club there are security personnel, staff, bartenders, and witnesses. Do you feel safe leaving that behind to make extra money? Even if the amount offered sounds like alot, is that amount of money worth your safety?
  3. Do you know the person? How can you be sure you’re not being entrapped by a police officer? Be particularly wary of attractive men whom you’ve never seen before. Learn from George Michael’s mistakes (all of them).
  4. Do you intend to use protection in this encounter? Nothing is full proof, but condoms help reduce the risk of catching many unpleasant diseases (not all of them, however). Even if this person doubles their offer to go raw, will that amount of money be enough to pay for your medical treatment if you end up needing it?
  5. By doing this, will you be violating the rule that you should avoid doing anything that will cause you embarrassment, shame, pain, or guilt?

male_prostitute.jpgIf you have read all these questions and still think leaving the club is okay, then that is the choice you are left with. However, my suggestion is that you think carefully before you commit to anything. This isn’t an issue of being a prude – it’s an issue of being practical. Know your values and stick with them, whatever they are. That is essential in any job, but particularly important in this one.

Author: Devon Hunter

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