Grab your gear!

So, now that you wanna be a strippa and you’ve gotten through the audition… what do you take with you to work?? Here’s some helpful stuff to keep in your duffle/gear bag: A change of several thongs/underwear, an extra pair of socks, at least a second choice for footwear, armbands, breath spray/mints, deodorant, a large towel, Neutrogena sesame oil (avoid baby oil or any other product that contains mineral oil – see “Oily Strippers Work My Nerves!” for more info about this), gel hand sanitizer, baby wipes, cologne/body spray, hair product/brush, concealer (a type of makeup that you put on to cover up zits) and powder that match your skin tone, a travel size sewing kit that includes needles and thread, and business cards (if you make them out you’ll have them ready and available when someone wants your info for other events – you can print your own at home).

Author: Devon Hunter

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