The beginning of the end

Many years ago now (it’s so strange to say that, but this blog is nearly 10 years old) I began a journey. 2007-2009 I went back to dancing in clubs after being in an abusive relationship wherein I was defrauded for $100k. In 2009 I did some videos, both to launch my escorting career and to learn how the scenes were produced, didn’t like how they were made, and decided I could do better content. In 2010 I did more videos to see how other companies worked, didn’t like their processes either, experienced some bad flame wars, and decided I could do better interactions. So I began developing my own media company, got it incorporated and funded, and in 2011 began shooting videos for it. In 2012 I married myself on my 36th birthday and launched the site the same day. The company faltered due to my lack of PR experience and PR resources, so I immediately took it down. From 2013-2014 I wandered rather aimlessly without a sense of specific direction. In 2015 people began approaching me about the material I’d created, and a rebranding phase began. Now it is 2016, and the site has been relaunched with better design, interface, and publicity.

It is time to begin my transition (though I do still need to finish the 13-part series I began). I am primarily seeing clients within driving distance (though I’m happy to travel further afield to people who specifically want me to see them), but I’m going to greatly reduce my itinerary travel. My escorting practice was greatly hampered by the Rentboy raid (though I am happy that all charges have been dropped against my friends who were arrested during that ridiculous debacle), and I’m not sure how to reinvent my escorting career. I accomplished what I set out to do as an escort: I paid off my fraud debt and many other debts, created stability for myself, and amassed some savings/investments. I will keep this blog open and active for a very long time, because I think the information is helpful (though it will become more and more dated). I suppose it will continue to have value as a time capsule. So anyway, it’s time to reduce escorting, and I don’t envision blogging with any regularity. It’s been years since I stopped regularly updating the blog anyway.

I’ve been in adult entertainment since 1998, and although I no longer wish to dance in clubs or appear in scenes, I do hope my site finds its legs and runs this time (we were too far ahead of the creative curve in 2012 – perhaps people have caught up with us finally?). I look forward to what I anticipate being the final phase of my entertainment career: Director/Producer. And if the site doesn’t work out again? Well, then it’s time to do something entirely different. I have a fitness and wellness company in mind to create. If that plan doesn’t work either? It will be time to look at my life experiences and skills, and go do something absolutely outside my comfort zone. That would be scary, but still doable.

I’m not mentioning my media company by name, because I don’t want my blog to compete with the video site in Google search results; however, you can link to it by clicking the butterfly logo on this post. You can also get to the site from any other page on this blog by clicking the green butterfly button at the top of the right column. And if you want to know more, just ask.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave. <3

    (Is that the right phrase?)

    – Lee

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    • That is the right phrase! 😉 *insert coy glance over shoulder

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