Affirmations and Esteem

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 4.27.50 PMSome time back I made a trip to Philly to visit my friend Dean Sage. He is a very talented and creative writer, producer, and artist. While I was visiting we did a series of photo shoots and video interviews. This video is a short explanation concerning the problems that can come from going into adult entertainment for affirmations and/or approval. I hope you will find it helpful. In a nutshell: It is a mistake, because whether or not you get the affirmation/approval you seek, it will have very little to do with you as a person. It is far better to go into adult entertainment with your sense of esteem, identity, and self already in place. It is best to find your approval inside yourself, rather than dispempowering yourself and putting yourself at the mercy of strangers, trolls, and other anonymous people. They will randomly build you up and tear you down at their whims.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Hi Devon,
    Your message applies to many career oriented people. I have always held the belief that one should not let their career define them as an individual. Ones self-worth shouldn’t depend on looks or a job title.

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  2. Hi Devon

    I know this entry is in April and you have not posted but I was very happy to see you still have your online diary. I used to post a few things way long time ago.

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    Hope you post in the future.

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