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WARNING: This is a rant, so if you don’t want to read something angry, just go somewhere else for now.

I’ve been escorting for six years. In all that time I’ve almost never required a deposit. I’ve relied on intuition, and I’ve been alert and vigilant. I have looked for red flags, and I listen to my instinct. In fact, I get stood up way less than most of the other escorts I’ve talked to about this. Some potential clients have complained I make it too difficult to connect with me, because I don’t include my phone number in my ads. I require people to do everything via email. It works MUCH, MUCH better (for me) that way. But tonight is the last straw… I have had ENOUGH of my time being wasted.

Today my best friend’s mother died quickly and unexpectedly after getting suddenly ill last night. Last night I could’ve gone to be with Becky to comfort her. I could’ve been there when Mama Bear slipped away this morning. But I stayed here. I’m here at home. For no reason. Why? Why did I stay here?? Because I had to disrupt my work so much the last couple weeks (because of my Gramma’s illness) that I needed the damn money! That’s why!! We planned this evening length appointment LONG in advance!

To make this even worse, I was in Spain when Becky’s father passed away five months ago. I was… wherever the hell I was, I can’t remember now… when our mutual friend Shane died six weeks after that. Now I’m missing the death of someone I love for the opportunity to entertain someone I’ve never even met. I’m sitting here blogging about something I should have taken care of a long fucking time ago. This is my fault.

I have wanted to be trusting and patient with everyone, but that has repeatedly gotten me into situations exactly like this (most recently in Dallas, several weeks ago in January). I’m trying to be empathetic, flexible, and kind, and THIS is what happens? I would ask for comfort or advice on the escort forum, but I know I’d get other escorts and clients I’ve never met saying crap to me like, “Well, you should have blah blah blah,” like I’m some naïve neonate who’s stupid enough to bottom bareback for $20 in Palm Springs. I FUCKING KNOW I SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGING A GODDAMNED DEPOSIT!  The entire point is that I didn’t want people to feel like I don’t trust them!

Well, this is the final straw. I’m here in Charlotte for NO REASON. And I’m pissed. I should have been in Greenville last night. I should have cancelled this appointment. But it was made months ago, we spoke repeatedly during that time, the client texted me 90 minutes prior to starting to reconfirm AGAIN, and there were ZERO red flags. If I’d cancelled for this crisis, I could have simply returned the deposit. But HE has stood me up, and now I have no recourse.

Starting now, first time and new clients have to send me a 20% deposit before I will confirm their appointments. I’ve already updated my ads. People I have gotten to know will be exempt.

NOTE: Don’t even fucking think about posting anything resembling “I told you so” in the comments on this thread. I will delete it if you do. Fair warning.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Dear Devon,
    I follow your writings and tweets for a long time now.
    I never saw a video of you but of course I check out your posted pics.

    I think I can relate to the stood up part especially when it comes to things that would have been more important.
    It’s about investment, time, money and in privacy it even goes for emotional investment, of course.

    But what I think, re-reading your entry, the worst is, that you will need a long time (if ever) to “forgive” yourself for not being there when those close to you died or when you were needed to comfort your friends.
    The client(s), who didn’t show up is just the tip of the iceberg.

    I read your *rants* in january and I applauded the fact that you started to mention names of those clients who stood you up.
    For me, it is strange to see, that appointments with you or any other *sex-worker* (I don’t like the term, but I just woke up and have my first coffee^^) are taken not seriously.
    Especially because in fact, IT IS a business appointment, so yeah, demand deposits.
    And the clients who think, they don’t need to stick to that kind of business terms can pick up those 20$ whores on the streets.

    Regarding trust, I think, it IS hard, not only in your business but in general to keep being a trusting person nowadays, and every day proves me, it is a challenge.

    Stay the person, that I and others came to like, virtually and in RL, the caring misfit who will not shut up and tell it like it is.

    Stay strong, Devon, and all the best.

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    • I feel guilt ridden over it, and now it’s snowing. I can’t get there now, even though I should otherwise be available. No way my little Miata can handle 100 miles of winter driving conditions.

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