zhè shì shén me?

ChinaIt’s new news on my blog, so many of you don’t know I started it (again); however, I have been using Rosetta Stone to learn Mandarin Chinese. I started it once back in 2005, but then I started teaching at Winthrop only two weeks after starting, and then everything happened with the credit card fraud in 2006. With all that turbulence, I completely shrugged it off for years. I always wanted to begin again, and now I finally have. What’s impressive is that the little bit I did learn way back in 2005 was still rattling around in my brain: THAT is a testament to how effective their system of instant and total emersion works!

So, an update on my progress through my Mandarin Chinese lessons:

china_2660807bOkay, so I agree wholeheartedly with the Rosetta Stone’s method of total and instant immersion, but there were some concepts that were just beginning to get so muddled up that I couldn’t make sense of anything that was being piled on top… So, tonight I decided to start over from square one and make a vocabulary/grammar spreadsheet… And you know what??? That intense type of review and scrutiny helped me to solidify and clarify many nuances that I had missed before or forgotten. Also, everything starts to sound the damn same after a while, and by Level 1, Unit 3, Lesson 1 I couldn’t make heads or tails of anything anymore – there was just too much vocabulary flopping around all over the place. I reviewed Unit 1, Lessons 1 – 3 tonight. I will redo Unit 1, Lessons 4 – 5 tomorrow. When I resume again I will go through Unit 2, Lessons 1 – 5 in this same manner… and THEN I will finally feel like I can absorb what is being thrown at me in Level 1, Unit 3, Lesson 1. I plan to go through the lessons as designed and then go back and add new vocabulary/concepts to this growing compilation of notes that I have, so that it is updated as I progress through each lesson.

There are five units in Level 1, and I am only just now beginning Unit 3? And then there are five levels in total??? My brain is going to be mashed into duck sauce when this is all over…

Shooooo! That was a mouthful.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. With your determination, you will be successful.

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  2. nî yôu duō shâo zhī māo?
    How many cats do you have?

    wô yôu liàng zhī māo. sméagol shì hēisè de, hé ophelia shì huīsè de hé shì báisè de. wômen zài wán, hé wô ài wôde xiâomāo.
    I have two cats. Sméagol is black, and Ophelia is grey and white. We play together, and I love my kittens.

    (Note: I have to use ^, because I can’t find the option to use vowels with that same accent turned upside down.)


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