GSC: The Last of the Wine

For those of you who have read my blog for a while (and there’s definitely a pile of entries to get through), you may remember that my favorite book of all time is “The Last of the Wine” by Mary Renault. I have blogged about the book on a few occasions. What I have not mentioned much during my dearth of blogging is that I have been participating in a book review pod cast for an emerging LGBT media company called Gay Sex Cast (GSC). Today a conversation I had with my cohost (@JinReads on Twitter) went live, and in it we discuss my favorite book from the perspective of writing style, same-sex desire as ideal instead of abomination, and love in the service of honor… and I might have mentioned that I want us to do a screen play of this, and that I want to play Alexias if we can get Henry Cavill to play Lysis. It’s a fun convo, and if you have 30 minutes, you might enjoy hearing us get excited about literature, philosophy, history, and innuendo…

Author: Devon Hunter

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