So Fresh & So Clean

Okay, so I feel much better after letting off some stream with that last entry. Ahem. Sorry.

So, what to talk about today? How about the fact that I have a beautiful home furnished the way I want, a refinanced car that will get paid off a tad faster, a healthy body (that hopefully will be video ready in a couple weeks when I submit new pics), and a sweet kitty on my lap as I type this? I need to post pics of Ophelia and Sméagol sometime. They are the Kitty Consortium, and they keep me balanced. Ophelia is a lap cat, Sméagol is a buffoon, and together I get what I need from them as hairy babies. So sweet…

I think that matters more. Time to come back to gratitude. It feels much better, especially since it’s 71 degrees, and winter may finally, FINALLY be going away…

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Loving the positive vibes! Glad things are looking up 😉

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