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In 2012 I spent the year adding mass, lots of it. I gained 30 pounds, but not all of it was muscle. In 2013 I began a cutting phase that has been very successful by way of The Peak Fitness Strategy of High Intensity Interval Training as defined by Dr. Mercola. I have had dramatic results over the last nine months; however, my body had changed (remember: I have been 24 for a very long time after all), and I simply could not get the last bit of body fat off. I went looking for a fat shredder, but I didn’t want something pre-mixed, so I kept looking and found a recipe that I wanted to try. This fat burning stack has been great, and I am already very pleased (see original article)

I have been using the following combo based on the BodyBuilding.com article, and after 3 days I can already see the results (I am not a coffee/tea/soda drinker, so the caffeine buzz was intense – I mitigated that with 24 ounces of water each time I took the stack):

Fat Releasers: 200 mg Caffeine 3x/day
Calorie Burner: 500 mg Green Tea Extract 3x/day
Fat Transporter: 2000 mg L-Carnitine 3x/day
Fat Stopper: 1000 mg CLA 3x/day
Gene Activator: 2000 mg Fish Oil 3x/day

I wanted to go with the minimum effective dose, so I kept the portions of each component to the low range of Dr. Stoppani’s suggestions. I’m 5’6″ and weigh #160 pounds. My goal was to shred off the last bit of belly/lower back fat that I couldn’t get rid of after nine months of high intensity interval training. I didn’t have a lot to lose, but as of day #3 (dose #7) the fold of skin near my kidneys is gone, and the flesh between my belly button and pubic bone is taught and flat. I will do this for a few more days, but don’t intend to continue past a week. It’s good to know this is effective for my body, so that I can use it whenever I need a touch up and have only a few days to get ready for a shoot/event/appearance.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. You look amazing and now I know what to j/o to tonight. Come back to DC, please!

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  2. Listen if you don’t show any cake shots, I’m cussing you out! 🙂

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  3. Let us know how it went. It’s been a couple of weeks 🙂

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  4. I was on it for 5 days, and it worked amazingly well; however, it is a lot to take, so I came off it to avoid hurting my liver and/or kidneys. Three or four weeks later and some of the fat has come back, but I figure that if I cycle on and off from time to time that I can do it for less and less each time as I (hopefully) start from a leaner place each cycle.

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  5. “…it is a lot to take, so I came off it to avoid hurting my liver and/or kidneys.”

    This freaks me out.

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  6. Devon, thanks for the response. Of the ingredients/supplements you listed, which are the ones you are/were most concerned about?

    Also, do you think it’s possible to do the cycle with lower doses?

    I realize you are not are nutrition expert, and I am only asking you since you’ve done the cycle based on your personal experience 🙂

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    • Hey Max, Sorry for the delay in replying. I was concerned about the caffeine – I don’t consume much of it in my normal day, and I didn’t want to develop an addiction to it. I took the lowest dose of everything recommended by the Ph.D who wrote the article. I am not trained to know the answer, but I would presume that lower doses would either 1) not trigger the metabolic changes and thus be a waste of money, or 2) scale the results back and slow them down. I don’t know which, if either, so I just went with the recipe as it was described in the included article.

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