He lives! Birthday 2013

To quote Mrs. Doubtfire, “Well, helloooooooooooo!”

Yes, I am still alive. And I would like to make an observation: I rarely blog anymore, because I haven’t needed to. This space was a place for me to iron out some wrinkles (often as part of helpful conversations with readers who shared their insights with me), and hopefully help others iron their own vicariously. Sometimes I think I actually did just that. At any rate, many of the issues that were tormenting or irritating me have found resolution to some degree or another. And also, I don’t want to sound too much like a spinning record (how boring would that be?).

But today I need to share something, because it was like a radiantly beautiful stop sign. I got the type of compliment that people cannot plan to give or receive, and I am getting it in time for my birthday. That’s right!! In two days I will be 37 24 again (however, I think it may be time to bump up to 25 or 27, which is still rather remarkable). I took this body pic today after I did a morning cardio routine. And you know what? I liked what I saw. No steroids, plastic surgery, or special effects. This is me. A few weeks ago I entered my “green zone.” My goal was to be 160-165 pounds at 10-12% body fat. Last time I checked, I was 160 at 12% (at the very bottom of the green zone, but green nonetheless). And here I am. And I am content (for now). And being content makes me feel very grateful.

But beyond issues of vanity, I am HAPPY. And I have been for an almost offensively long time. I don’t think in terms of guilt for being this happy, but I do wonder at what point the pendulum will reverse its swing. Enough… enjoy the protracted happy days, and appreciate them as they come. But this is what spurred me to blog: I’m so happy, content, and successful that it’s energizing other people. And THAT is amazing. Quite a long time ago I blogged about an idea I had called Four Dimensional Compliments, and I received one a few minutes ago. It came from someone I hadn’t spoken to in a long time, and it hadn’t occurred to me that he was even aware of me anymore. I have included a screen cap of what he said to me, and I want to share my questions for him about creating a sense of rewarding purpose. If you can find the answers to these questions for yourself, I’d be willing to bet money that you can summon/find/create anything you want.

“That is, perhaps, the single best compliment I have ever gotten. I am screen capping this. But it now begs the questions: What are you doing, what would you rather be doing instead, and how do you bridge the gap?? Also, in case you need a gradual transition, how might you put the two together, such that what pays you now can be transformed by or added to what you would rather do (so that you can either do both, or gradually transition from one to the other?) For example: I love activism, creativity, and sex. I look for the ways in which they intersect/overlap/juxtapose (even if some of those ways have to be invented from scratch), and I then do them all at once, all the time.”

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Happy Birthday, handsome! I just became aware of your blog today when someone mentioned your previous difficulties with a particular studio. I’m glad all that is over and in the past now. I’ve only read a few blog entries, but I know I will be coming back to read more. If you have a public page on Facebook, I’d be happy to join/follow. Best to you, and enjoy being 24 some more!
    FB: Jim Ocelot Allen
    TW: @JimOcelot

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    • Welcome! I don’t blog much anymore, but there’s +400 entries here going back years, in case you are that bored. LOL xoxo

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