Doughnuts and Apples make me so happy!

I had to go to the hospital last night. I went to the ER to get stitches, because I dropped my Apple iPad on my face while lying back and reading it. I extended my arms to stretch them, turned the device to hold it at a better angle, and it fell out of my grasp. The corner landed between by eyebrows and gave me a 1-inch vertical cut down almost to the bone. It was pretty nasty. I almost lost my eye, but thankfully all of this should pass with minimal scarring. What I take that is very positive from this is that I did NOT get hurt worse, and that I am so grateful to finally have health insurance… I get a little ill still when I think about where it could have landed instead, and what it would have meant either way without insurance. But my friend Trish asked if she could start making jokes about apples and Sir Isaac Newton, and that brings some levity to it. I was supposed to do a photo shoot today, so it’s annoying that I restricted carbs and salt for three weeks just to bash my face in; however, I did celebrate last night with Waffle House. I had chocolate milk, apple pie (in honor of my Apply iPad?), a chicken sandwich on grilled white bread, and hash browns (which I salted, thanks very much). My abs still look okay today.

Anyway, I was sitting here surfing the web, because I think I bonked myself hard enough to still be slightly dizzy today. I cancelled the photo shoot, tonight’s work out, and tonight’s dance rehearsal, just to make sure I’m not going to hurt myself again or worse from distorted equilibrium and wonky balance/coordination. At any rate, I found a video that I wanted to share, which I have embedded below. It makes me so happy when people are so randomly nice to each other. The man in the video is trying to confront his fear of rejection by making a ridiculous request each day for 100 days, and therefore immersing himself in rejection. It’s an interesting, if not bizarre, way to cope with the fear of rejection. He met a woman at Krispy Kreme, however, who really just reminds me WHY people are worth knowing and loving. It really is amazing and sentimental, and I wanted to share:

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you are doing better. Well at least you are in Hot Atlanta and we can take care of you. Yes the gravity here in Atlanta is working for now.

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  2. Just so you know you are not the first person to drop an ipad on their head. I did the same thing but lucky didn’t have any injures and had a niece do the same thing. In fact I just sold my ipad and am waiting to receive my ipad mini in the mail (safer device). You still look beautiful (Madonna recently was hit in the head during the opening of her show and continued the show and bled throughout the 2 hours). You are in good company. Glad it wasn’t worse and glad you had insurance.

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