Happy Thanksgiving

Sometimes it’s best not to think deeply or analyze, but simply to feel and ponder lightly. I often work best with lists. They make me feel organized and accomplished. Right now I need to simply streamline my thoughts and focus on what I’m thankful for (in no particular order)…

  • Home, which I take to include not just the walls, ceiling, floor, and furniture, but also the thought and care that went into making it “my space,” as well as KITTEH, without whom this place would be nothing but glorified storage.
  • Tribe, whom I take to include family, friends, and other people who are willing to encourage, advise, help, critique,  push, or shield me when I need it.
  • Sense of self, because otherwise I would be completely scattered.
  • Creativity, even when it doesn’t manifest itself in my projects the way I envision it.
  • Resources, because no matter what my situation is, there are so many people who struggle more than I can properly appreciate.

That’s a good start. We’ll stick to that, blast the Janet Jackson oldies, work out, and make sure to knock these cobwebs out of my head. Happy holidays to you, and I hope you are healthy and happy.

Author: Devon Hunter

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