Cathode Azure: Grand opening and free porn! YAY!

One of the light fixtures at Cathode Azure, where Devon Hunter will dance to promote a new web site.

Tonight I will be dancing at Cathode Azure, the newest gay dance club in Charlotte, NC. I went last night, and it really is clean and beautiful. The people were friendly and happy, the music is good, the decor is modern and fresh, and it had a vibrant energy. As you might expect from the name (azure = sky blue), everything is blue and/or has a quality of being light/airy/sky. White accent pieces (i.e. clouds) reflect the blue lighting in a manner that doesn’t come across as cold or frosty, but comes across psychologically as cheerful and happy. It’s one of the reasons we chose blues for the design palette of colors at my web site. It’s a really lovely place, and I will be giving out access to the site as I am dancing.

But this is a celebration, so even if you cannot be there in person, I hope you will join us in spirit! Here is a username/password to gain access to my web site for free until 11:59 pm EST on 11/12/12:

The crowd at Cathode Azure during a Halloween party, where Devon Hunter will dance to promote a new site.

Site: Site
Username: cathodeazure
Password: welcome

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Devon, I get such a hard-on looking at your nude dancing pics on your Model Mayhem page. You have the most beautiful butt I have ever seen!! I would love to see more from that outdoor shoot as well.

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