Happy belated Samhain!

So, it’s the new year for us on the Path (I do recognize that Muggles still have eight weeks to go before they catch up, but such is the nature of these situations). I admit candidly that I have not blogged enough for a long time, that I haven’t made enough time for reflection this last year. It’s been a busy, hectic, stressful cycle (for both pleasing and distressing reasons). That’s my only excuse: I just haven’t felt like examining my thoughts. And that for me is problematic. I need to reconnect with journaling.

I did an oracle at midnight the evening before last to mark the Sabbat called Samhain. As always, the Faeries told me exactly what I needed to hear. The recent past has been full of chaotic creativity, but provided huge opportunities to learn and grow; at the present time it is important to gain insight from people wise in their fields while also trusting my own instinct; that to avoid burnout in the near future it will be vital to balance some of the oncoming furious energy with meditation and rest; and that the key to everything is thorough communication (listening as much as speaking). Yes. Yes, yes, yes. That is EXACTLY what I needed to remember.

Now it is time to put new plans into action for the new year. It is also a time for thanksgiving and remembering. In 2011 I was addicted to gratitude. I was constantly saying THANK YOU – to the universe, to other people, to KITTEH, to myself… 2012 was more directed toward doing, rather than appreciating. I really do need to reconnect with my spiritual self. I allowed distractions and business/busyness to distract me from what really matters (and what fuels success): Optimism. Fretting has done nothing but make me ill, and that hasn’t fixed anything I need to accomplish.

So, I think it is time to recommit to taking care of myself in all ways and to try again to recreate the balance I had enjoyed for nearly a year. My wedding and the launch of my video site were the culmination of a great deal of happiness and productivity. Since that day I have been burdened, sometimes until I got sick with stress. That won’t do. That isn’t any way to honor what I was building up to that point. I need to make a promise to myself to write more often. Not necessarily as often as I did in 2008-2010, but definitely more than I have in 2011-2012. It will be good for me. It always was a helpful medium for letting off steam or examining situations. If other people care enough to share their observations, so much the better.

Author: Devon Hunter

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