Happy Birthday! “I Do”

On December 21, 2010 at 3:14 am EST I engaged myself during the first total Lunar Eclipse on a Winter Solstice since 1658. It was a very significant moment for me, and over these last 18 months I have been preparing for today: My 36th birthday. Today I will marry myself in private, but tomorrow at noon I will repeat the process in front of witnesses as part of a formalized ceremony with a spiritual guide to officiate in a sacred space. I will post a video as soon as possible. This blog entry has been scheduled to go live on June 29, at 7:32 am EST. That’s when I was born. The ceremony itself will be at noon during the full light of the sun, just as the engagement happened at the moment of maximum lunar fullness. Although my birthday isn’t the Summer Solstice itself, my birthday is close enough in my mind to tie together the end of the process, which began on the longest night of the year and is culminating during one of the longest days of the year. From deep darkness into blazing light… Quite a concept, yes?

Today the sun comes up on a whole new life…

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the video. Getting ready to search for Anteros Media now. Congrats for finding yourself? your peace? your center? you? Not sure of the correct word but I’m happy you have taken this moment on the journey to consider all things.

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  2. Thank you, T! Simply click the green butterfly logo at the top of the right column of buttons, and you will be connected to Anteros Media.

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  3. Happy Belated Birthday my fellow Cancer. Just checked out the site and it looks great & the videos look real good. I’m going to have to join the site.

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