XOXO from Honduras…

Dear Devon:

I’m a young man writing from Honduras to let you know about the positive impact your fantastic blog has had on my life. I stumbled upon your page while I was doing a little research about sexuality since I’ve been struggling with this aspect of my life lately, and I have to say, I never thought something like a website could provide not only the amount of specific information I was looking for, but such personal advice and experience to guide me through one of the most difficult moments in my life. My family and the society in which I live is conservative, narrow minded and I knew since I was very little, that my sexuality would cause me troubles just for the fact of being different.

I recently turned 21 (Friday) and realized I can’t keep up pretending to be a child anymore. I have always hidden my self behind that excuse, but it has literally expired. When I found your blog and read about your experiences, I learned many things about sexuality, self-esteem, emotions, goals… if I could summarize it, I learned about life. Your posts are inspiring, they are substantial messages carried through beautifully arranged words. I’ve recently discovered writing in English as one of the skills I want to keep developing, as a career, since I consider it one of my main strength in my second language, and your blog became a source of authentic material, an example of the impact and importance of written communication in everyday life. I’ve always admired people comfortable with their sexuality and interested in knowing themselves, you take that to the next level.

You embrace life just as everyone should, I am sure you are truly a role model for many people, just like you are to me. I dream of embracing my sexuality just like you do, and I have realized I don’t need approval of anyone to do this. I just started doing it from the moment I reflect on how much I love myself and how my happiness will always depend on my actions and decisions, and not other people’s opinions. If I could choose to meet someone famous or far from where I am, I would meet you  instead of any of my favorite singers, because you have changed my life in such a positive way and inspire me more than any (other) artist, because you are without a doubt, a real artist. I´ll ad this to my wish list, hoping I can meet you someday.

I wish you all of the happiness and love you deserve, and that is a lot. I hope you can also, honor me with a response to this mail just to say you got it.

A hug and a kiss on the cheek, with tons of love and admiration,



Dear Janqui:

I am sorry for the delay in replying to this beautiful message. I have been shooting scenes for the site I am trying to launch, and I wasn’t able to respond until now. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the time you put into crafting such a nice email, and I am very happy you are coming to a place where you are able to accept yourself and your sexuality; however, in terms of coming out to other people, that is something to do only when you can do so safely. It won’t necessarily be easy, but it will be liberating… I want you to be happy, successful, and healthy! And if you ever do come to the USA, see if I’m near you. If I am, I’ll take you to dinner and we’ll celebrate YOU. 🙂


Author: Devon Hunter

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