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I admit I am rather confused as to why so many people are still expressing shock that homophobia exists on gay video sets. I think I covered this in a very detailed manner two years ago. As annoying as it is, nearly a fifth of the traffic that comes to my blog is still to read about that, so yes I am definitely confused.

At any rate, I’m glad Austin Wilde’s situation is creating backlash against homophobia in gay video. I do have a point of curiosity to ponder: Although Austin is fine with gay-for-pay performers (so long as they fully participate in all the shooting), isn’t it rather problematic for Austin to say the material on his upcoming site is going to be any more authentic than Next Door Studios’ material? If the performers aren’t gay or honestly bi, then how can their performances be anything but performances? Just a question.

But he is going to treat this issue in whatever way fits his branding. And I have responded in my way by doing the projects at my site. My attitude is probably going to be called some form of reverse discrimination, but we have been very happy with working only with gay models. Each studio has to define itself in its own way, but I don’t understand how leaving a gay-for-pay site to start another one is an effective way of combating homophobia on set or displacing self-loathing within viewers.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Hmmm i think it’s more like a unspoken pass. That is, if a “straight” guy (read so-called gay4pay) is willing to perform…and meaning go all out…then he can get a pass. He’s allowed to still want to believe he’s “straight” and cling on to that badge of honor (as he experiences it) because he’s paid his dues. So, he gets to hold onto that last pitiful vestige of denial. It’s cute…but sad. But, again, he’s paid his dues so, fuck it, let him believe what he wants and what he needs to believe. It’s not like he’s capable of any more insight than that so why hold that fact against him? All the chips are stacked in favor of the “straight” badge of honor in probably every aspect of his life. So, we let him do the scene, enjoy it for what it is and nod in quiet, unspoken disbelief when he still claims to be “straight”. If he’s paid his dues and performed without bullshit limitations or inhibitions rooted in heterosexism or homophobia then fuck it. Let the poor kid think he’s straight all he wants. We’re not trying to be his boyfriend anyway and if we are then we’ve got more issues than he does.

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    • I don’t disagree. But the question still remains: Regardless of how we label other people, identity is chosen. If a G4P model enjoys homosexual sex or not, if he identifies as straight then he’s straight, and THAT is part of the very complicated situation that undermines LGBT people who do want to affirm their identities openly. So, of Austin casts G4P, even if they participate fully, isn’t that still an endorsement of homophobia on some level? There are lots of sexy gay models. Why go for the G4P option?

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  2. Eh, I take it back. Austin went from having his own studio doing scenes of guys who ENJOY gay porn to suddenly working with straight-identified gay4pay AustinZane and Corbin Fisher dudes. Damn, hypocrite much?

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  3. That was the crux of my question… I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.

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  4. I can’t agree I don’t understand the link between homopobia and porn, and yes you did discuss this two years ago, but to me it is like say watching Friday the 13th and saying ok the guy is an actor he did not kill anyone. If I had sex with a straight guy and he didn’t like it I would either stop halfway through or go I am not going back there again, but I would paint him as someone who hated me on the grounds of wantng men only, but if he started abuse, I would walk away or defend. I think it is better to leave names off, I have in the past named them on your blog, but I still also don’t understand why a certain actor who to an extent is still my favourate porn actor does not have a problem working with gay for pay. I think with anyone people need to speak out, but to start defaming and threatening people who do G4P and telling me what I can or can’t watch is a bit rich. We could as another example say ok why are you wearing those shoes that were made in a sweat shop? It may seem worlds apart but it means we have the choice to watch it or not, we can speak out but the almighty dollar and dick make the decision. As I said when you went through SC issues I could not say to you ok I will never watch SC again, but I admit I don’t buy SC because of the barebacking. I just cannot abide being so down on guys who choose to do porn but are straight, you live in a so called land of the free, so the best way to combat it is not to look or pay for it. To say oh every porn actor has to be gay is somewhat elitist and I have known lots of gay guys who are homopobic. Anyway, just one other thing, I enjoyed your interview on what the world does not need.

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  5. I don’t understand the appeal of G4P…and I’ve never heard a coherent or in-depth explanation from the aficionados, and the majority of the defenses I’ve read on various blogs have a nasty tone. This has caused me to believe that there IS something negative, even homophobic, about the genre. I mean, what’s the message here? That a gay guy isn’t really sexy until he’s ‘gotten’ a straight guy? (Yeah, a real, gen-u-wine STRAIGHT guy who just happens to be okay with fucking guys, on CAMERA, over and over again…) Or, is there a undercurrent of “I STOLE a straight guy from his woman.”, or, “I’m so hot that even straight guys can’t resist me.”? Which sounds distressingly like those women who think it’s their mission to turn a gay man, or who give themselves extra points for the successful seduction of same.

    As storylines for the individual video or two, that would be fine. But, it’s a GENRE. What is going on here?

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  6. How does and where does one start doing this? I’m 44 and in good shape, but getting better and am interested in this any info would be appreciated.
    Thanks, mike

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    • Hey Mike – could you clarify? Start doing what? Video work? If that is what you mean, please see the bottom of the page and click the link for “Establishing a Career in Adult Entertainment, 13 parts”

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