Today was a fun day with KITTEH… He turned nine years rambunctious, and is just as energetic, silly, and playful as ever. He is also far more affectionate, which is nice, because he was entirely too rough for the first three years after I brought him home. When he was six he finally started being more loving (he was treated far too roughly as a kitten, and it took me three years of mixing play with petting to finally get him to calm down a bit), and each year since he’s gotten sweeter and sweeter. Now he sleeps on my chest almost every night, and despite the fluff in my nose, it is definitely worth it. For those of you who haven’t never met or seen pics of KITTEH, his name is Sméagol (because he oscillates between that and Gollum so fluidly), and he’s a solid black (though some patches of fluff are turning gray) Maine Coon. I love cats in general, but this particular breed is far and away the best EVER. 🙂

So, today we celebrated with squishy fishy treats, but the real party happens tomorrow when he gets his annual shots and shaving… Won’t that be nice? :-/ It’s only eight weeks of embarrassment, and it’s worth it to keep him cool, to reduce GI tract stress, and to maintain the house (and my sanity). So, here’s to KITTEH!

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. You shave your cat? Wow, my kids would love you…they have often wanted to shave ours. More in a wondering what they would look like way, rather than any thought-out thing.
    But if you lived nearby, I’d definitely be hearing about it. “Mom, this guy up the block shaves HIS cat, why don’t we shave ours?”

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  2. Congratulations Kitteh! Many happy returns and make sure that Devon doesn’t hold out on those fish treats for you! We all love ya…

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  3. Happy late birthday for Sméagol <3

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  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITTEH! I hope you get more fishy treats than you know what to do with! 🙂

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