Apex of human achievement

If there are five details you should know about me as a person, they are these:

  1. I worship at the altar of Janet Jackson, because she is the goddess of dance and all that which is fabuluscious
  2. KITTEH is my sovereign Lord and master – there is no KITTEH but KITTEH, and he is a jealous KITTEH
  3. Beauty in all its myriad forms, whether tangible or conceptual, enraptures, inspires, and fascinates me
  4. I do what I say I am going to do, so never express surprise when I do just that (though some occasions require more time to follow through)
  5. I love chocolate

With this in mind, the most important scientific discovery in the history of knowledge was just discussed on NPR’s “All Things Considered.” Not sure I could believe my ears, I went to find the original research, and here it is in its abbreviated glory. Oh, but life is too good to be true sometimes…

You can read more about this, or listen to the broadcast, and revel in this news, the triumphant apex of human learning and achievement.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. “People who eat chocolate several times a week…’ Lol! What a buncha pikers…probably the same people who read the ‘serving size’ info and take it seriously. Did you know that a “serving” of small Reese’s peanut butter cups is considered to be 5 pieces?
    5 pieces is a serving!? Who are they kidding? I eat 20 of ’em as an appetizer…and I weigh under 120 pounds.
    (..does Victory Dance atop large pile of discarded brown wrappers as the metabolically-challenged glare and mutter “Stone her!”..)

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