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Hello everyone! I just got back from Boston, and I wanted to share a conversation I had with the man who blogs at What the World Does not Need. James and I have chatted on and off for quite a while, and he sent me a set of questions recently after I bemoaned always being asked the same questions over and over. I was frustrated, because I didn’t get how I could be giving “exclusive” interviews if no one takes the time to ask me anything I haven’t already answered repeatedly. Well, James asked me some refreshing questions, and I think we have some nice banter. Go check out the rest of his well-written blog as well.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Good interview! It was nice to get to read something other than pat questions and pat answers. 🙂

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  2. Mr. Devon Hunter,

    You state you are 5”7” but you have the fearlessness, stature and heart of a lion.

    You are courageous.

    Willing to share your knowledge and mistakes_ _ _ takes courage
    Advocate for Jack Ryan and others who express public regret _ _ _ takes courage
    Posting your HIV status _ _ _ takes courage
    Defender of the weaker sex _ _ _ takes courage
    Starting your own production company _ _ _ takes tremendous courage

    You are in an industry that can be not only one of the toughest physically but mentally as well and you have survived with your humanity and compassion intact.

    If that were not enough of an accomplishment you have the graciousness to want to help others and bring them the dignity and respect that is so long over due them.

    I have recently been asked by a gay European adult studio to write for their blogs and some of their model blogs. But I am scared. No that is not right , I am petrified.

    Not for the reason some might think but for the reason that I am terrified of letting them down. I want so very much to bring some humanity, dignity, warmth, humor and respect to these individuals who bear their hearts and souls for our consumption.

    However after spending the better part of a day reading through some of your powerfully, moving postings I realize how transparently inadequate I am for that task and am now debating if I should even attempt it.

    I became aware of you through Ms. J.P. Trish Barnaby’s blog and her interview with Mr. Phillip Aubrey.

    You both write so eloquently. Even Mr. Aubrey, who Ms. Barnaby set up a site for, conveys his thoughts and emotions better than some professional writers I know.

    I wish desperately I had yours and Ms. Barnaby’s skills at written communication but alas, what is the saying, “if wishes were horses……..”

    After reading some of your posts and seeing the mental conflicts you work through and are so open to sharing with us fellow humans I just wanted to say………..thank you.

    What a beautiful and gorgeous spirit you have. There are a few rare and precious individuals who are lit from within. Who possess the ability to lead us through the dark corners of our lives into a more peaceful co-existence with one another.

    You are one of those rare and precious ones. Stand tall darlin.

    With great respect,

    M Charity

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    • I am a bit thunder stuck… O.o
      Obviously, I am very grateful that you would spend so much time writing such a long and generous message to me; however, I don’t understand why you think you aren’t a gifted writer… I think you encapsulated your thoughts quite clearly! What is it you fear you will fail at doing??? If you want to send me an excerpt of whatever you’re thinking to submit to the other site, feel free to email it to me, and if I can help you, I will. Just make sure to tell me what your writing is supposed to accomplish for the site in question.

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  3. You deserve the praise.

    Thank you so much for your generous offer.

    Which email address of yours should I send to the Anteros, Yahoo or another?

    You of course know my email address.

    With great respect,

    M Charity

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