Spring 2012: Happy Ostara!

Today, although extremely frustrating in many ways, ended quite pleasantly. I was feeling blocked regarding a design process, but I finally got to speak with the director in charge, and so I feel I at least got to air my concerns. And that helps: Knowing that you at least got to communicate. What I did miss (while being worried about the various tasks I had delegated) was the majority of an extraordinarily beautiful day. I did come around and catch the end of it. Charlotte, NC definitely knows how to welcome Spring: The colors here today were beyond beautiful. I am happy to say I did finally get snatched out of my 48-hour crankiness in time to really appreciate how amazing the flowers, trees, and grass looked (though I do have to rinse my car off daily to be able to see through the windshield LOL).

So, the Spring Equinox has come and gone. And the perfect balance of night and day is rather like a metaphor for my day: It was evenly challenging and gratifying. Despite the intense irritation I was feeling about several issues today, I also got to relight some art in my apartment, spend time with a good friend, and have a particularly pleasant rehearsal this evening. Funny that during the light hours I was feeling so dark, and during the dark hours I feel myself light again. But what can you do?

Something I am very excited about is my new website. I love it more each day (even when parts of it make me sick with stress). I’ve been saying “it’ll be out soon” for quite a while, but in the scope of everything (this has been a three-year process thus far), a few more weeks isn’t really that far off. Oh, but I do hope Beltane is the day I get to make a special announcement…

Author: Devon Hunter

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