What’s with the arm bands?

Dear Devon,

So what’s the deal with go-go boys wearing those bands up around the top of their biceps?  What’s that all about?


Hey Eli,

The bands above the biceps 1) are a place to be tipped if touching other parts of the body isn’t allowed  2) are a place to keep tips if your underwear gets too full (and looks like a baggy diaper or the money starts poking/rubbing badly) 3) advertise that others are tipping you 4) accentuate the shape of your arm, if you’re big enough to be accentuated 5) serve as an accesory for some outfits 6) provide an alternate site for tipping for those who don’t want to touch a dancer anywhere else 7) give patrons an excuse to feel up an entertainer’s arms (ha!).

Hope this helps! I have several pairs in various colors. If you want to get any for jogging (or for your own exotic dancing adventures,
try this online store
). If they disable the link to the bands on that site, try going to the following blog and finding the link for armbands in my earlier entry about high-end clothing for booty shaking. You can click the photos with this entry to see my red ones in greater detail (oh, and don’t ask about that second pic – some moments simply beg to be captured… and then made fun of. I’ve had a few people put LOL captions on that image – FUNNY!).

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Do you take coins? In Canada we $1, $2 and there are whispers of a $5 coin.

    The arm band sounds eminently sensible, and I am sure it is more comfortable then having your crotch stuffed with bills rubbing up against your “junk”.

    I look forward to your 2009 blogs Devon. Happy dancing over the holidays.

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  2. Hahaha wow I asked and the tree hugger responded lol. Ok that totally makes sense. I thought maybe it was some kind of go-go boy union thing lol. Do you have a post on proper etiquette for tipping male dancers? Like what if I want to lay down with the money over my mouth and have you squat over my face and pick it up with your ass cheeks? What is the proper way of asking for that?

    Dancers are kinda like going to the bar to order your drink. There are regular bars where they just pour your drink take your money and send you on your way. Then there are flair bars where they throw bottles in the air catch them in their mixing cups and do tricks before they take your money and an even bigger tip then send you on your way. Do you do dancer flare or do you just pull up so a guy can tip you?

    I was at a Korean hostess club once and there was one dancer who was far more popular than any of the other girls. Part of it was because she had a boob job. Mostly though she was the most popular cuz she wouldn’t take money without doing a trick. Prob her most outrageous trick was she would back her ass up to the face of the tipper. From all fours she would hook her feet over the shoulders of the guy then forcibly ram his face into her ass 4 or so times then toss him back in his seat. It was awesome lol. It was also Korea though. I can imagine some dumb ass here in America filing a law suit claiming neck injury lol.

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  3. I know this is an old post, but I’ve only just seen it. You are seriously beautiful – fun – fresh – life-celebrating in the tree hugging pic. Hope you never lose that quality, even when you’re wrinkled and old

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