Well hello!! OMG I’m gagging on my own spit…

I absolutely love this redesign. It’s so simple, clean, and efficient. I also think it’s very beautiful. The other incarnations of the blog were lovely in their way; however, this is such a shift that I can hardly stand it. I just love it. 🙂

So then… Hopefully all this is intuitive, and I hope you enjoy playing with the buttons and seeing what everything does. I really do think this is a better way to present the content for the blog. It is also aligned with the goal to make each reiteration of the design more compact, with less and less scrolling.

Enjoy! This new design is light, open, free, and happy. And I hope you are, too!

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. It’s wonderful! Colourful and minimalistic don’t usually go together, but the new design is sleek and definitely appealing. 🙂

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  2. Devon, you don’t know me, but I have an issue with one of the sites you have worked with. I am really upset and offended by that “Menover30” site. I will be 31 next month, and I am mad that I would be relegated to a special site like that if I decided to do porn. Thirty this day in age is pretty young and I don’t like the attitudes people still have about it. This site with 29 year olds with 30 year olds and calling that a “daddy” relationship is silly. Not to mention this site makes your 30s out to sound like old age. I know this site makes money and you have profited from it, but I am still offended. I just don’t think 30 is old enough to be considered what this site makes it out to be. 40 yes, 30 no.

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  3. I agree completely with you, which is why at Anteros Media we cast models as young as 21 with models as old as 46 without regard to presumed roles. In fact, part of the reason we mix and match age, race, body type, and demeanor is specifically to undermine all these types of stereotypes and fetishes. And, if you are wanting to do video work, might I suggest you apply to work with us? We care only that you’re healthy, happy, vanilla, and openly gay. 🙂

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  4. What site is this again? I’m sorry, I got a college application instead. Do you do other work besides that menover30 site?

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  5. We have not yet launched, so there is nothing to find there yet. As for me as a model, I have done only one video for MenOver30. My complete repertoire is listed on the page set aside just for that (click the Videography button to see my entire oeuvre).

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  6. Excuse me, Filmography. I used the wrong term. LOL

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  7. I get the feeling that much of the porn around today is designed to appeal to the “jerk off in front of the computer” crowd, so all it feels a need to provide is graphic imagery in a 15-20 minute format. Great if you’re in a hurry and just want to git ‘er done, but disappointing to those of us who want a bit more…
    Unfortunately, this doesn’t really allow for any exploration of the nuances of what we are seeing on the screen. The makers of this stuff just want to grab your attention quick, and get you off without giving you any distractions. So, a “young man” has to be obviously young, not merely younger than his partner…he’s got to weigh 17 1/2 pounds and be shaved. A “Daddy” role can be filled by any guy with some muscle and a beard, even if he himself is only a couple of years older.
    They’re only concerned with the visual impact, you’re not supposed to be doing any kind of deep thinking here. Which is what I find SO frustrating about porn! For me, there can’t be any arousal without brain engagement. So unfortunately, I find most porn to be nothing more than a videotaped game of Naked Twister…*sigh*
    I think it’s time for a revolution in porn.

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