The cycle of gay-on-gay abuse

“Question devon:

What does it take to be a male prostitute? Is there a college degree needed? Do your parents know that their gay child sells his scummy body with receding hair or were your parents of the same venue? These are questions that you need to answer yourself. Hopefully you will connect with the HIV virus sooner than later to eliminate your ugly scummy body mass from this earth.

How does it feel not paying any taxes; NO contribution of any kind to society ? Knowing that your future is about to end sooner than later?

Ever wonder about these items or do you justify being a sociopath? From one of your fans!!



Answer smiley face:

I do not recognize your email address, so I’m not certain that we know one another; however, if we are acquainted and I have wronged you in some way, I apologize for that. Generally, it isn’t my intention to hurt people, particularly not to the point that they would choose to write me a note like this. If, however, we are not acquainted, I want you to know that although I haven’t hurt you, I am sorry that someone else has. It isn’t my place to apologize on behalf of the mistakes of other people, but I want you to know that you haven’t affected me, and that I hope you are able to work through whatever has been done to you. Whatever that was, you didn’t deserve it, but the only way to stop cycles like these is to consciously choose to break them. For this reason I am not going to reply to you again, no matter how/if you choose to address me after this. I have specifically created a beautiful and happy life for myself, and I hope you will also choose happiness.

I wish you peace,

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. What a classy and unexpected response to a truly hateful mail message. Congratulations for offering sympathy to combat hate.

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  2. Devon:

    Your response is an example to be followed. Much good fortune to you!


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  3. Dear Devon, just a few lines to soothe your mind from Paris: in the World there are still some places crawling with Haters whose anonimities will always be evidence of their cowardices… Whatsoever some People may think about one of your jobs, I will always shout: shame on Them! Yes I will, even though I’m not interested in porn industry at all.
    Sometimes Freedom can be used as a Weapon: that’s the point when People start sending such e-mails, before going further… It’s not only a matter of frustrations; it’s not only a matter of a Guy’s loneliness – some Fans could hurt Stars on purpose -; it’s not only a matter of disgust for sex-workers : it rather sounds like an old sly threat we had to cope with in Democraties… You know what I mean, don’t you? Aren’t we living time of election campaigns on both sides of the Atlantic? Don’t we hear excitements in some speeches by “inspired” Candidates from time to time? You know how weakness can push people into doing bad things, don’t you?
    Dear Devon, do not worry about this hateful message, because you didn’t do anything wrong actually. By the way, I’m sure that you will never do bad things to offense people, so think your best Fans…

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  4. Devon

    This person is an idiot. Anybody reading your blog cam tell you are a salt of the earth person with an enormous good heart. Ignore the idiots out there. The world is
    a better place with you in it.



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  5. Wow, somebody overdosed on haterade this morning. People can be so vile sometimes.

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  6. Devon, jou once again prove how wonderful and generous of spirit you are. Not only beautiful on outside, but inside as well.


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  7. I must seem ungrateful to let something as paltry as this bash me around for 24 hours. I do realize that I have been very blessed in almost every way imaginable. And yet, standing in the fire still burns. I was thinking earlier how it is a conscious decision to hold onto anger or to seek/plan revenge or retaliation. I keep saying that we have to choose happiness, and I chose pain. But I realized what I was doing, and I have gradually begun choosing happiness again – I have that privilege, and so I have that duty.

    At any rate, I have done some research, and if my looming vanity demands it, I know about a variety of options. In the meantime, I have to chalk this über short haircut up as a mistake (from the perspective of whether or not it flatters my head and face). Now I know. I wouldn’t have otherwise, right? It will grow back (for now… HA!).

    As I age and change I understand why this is making me feel so sensitive: It’s like being an awkward teenager all over again. I have to experiment to see what suits me as I evolve away from being a boyish type. I’m not big enough to be this, I’m not hairy enough to be that, I’m not clearly this or that in almost all ways, so I have to do some fiddling… And I fumbled on the haircut. Okay. Fine. But what is difficult is that it feels like a second puberty, and it’s happening in front of a whole world of malicious on-lookers who take pot shots on a fairly regular basis. I will figure this little evolution out; however, my metabolism, body composition, hair, skin, and everything else is changing, and I have to figure out how to do this gracefully (for my own sake) – I’m a dancer before everything else, so performing well this choreography of age takes on different meanings for me. Everything about me as a person/athlete/dancer/model/etc has been connected to my appearance and/or my ability to perform. That capacity is changing, and I am the 35-year-old equivalent to a pimply, odd-shaped 15-year-old all over again.

    I will get through this. I have dealt with far worse. And, if nothing else, this person has forced me to understand better what has been gnawing at me for the last several weeks.

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  8. I would let it go. Whoever sent this is obviously lashing out for some reason, people have done that to me in other ways from time to time without me even provoking them. It bothers me for a while but let it pass. To bad you weren’t here to help me celebrate turning 50. We would have had a great time. Good luck with your venture, Anteros Media. I’ll check it out from time to time to see how it’s going.

    Take Care

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  9. This person must not be a part of your life because those of us who are feel privileged to be there. You are a beautiful, intelligent, creative man and an amazing friend. You’ve meant more to me than I can say and I hope your detractor finds a peaceful resolution to whatever ails him because it doesn’t really sound like it’s you.

    With great affection,
    J. P. Barnaby

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  10. At first I felt an almost reflexive rage when reading what this person wrote to you, because you are my friend and when a loved one is attacked I am ready to put out my claws and do damage. But I realize upon reading your response that such a reaction is neither what you need nor honorable in the face of the character and humility you’ve shown.

    Once again you’ve touched me with your example. I think it’s remarkable that you can see that people who express themselves to innocent others as this person has are truly more miserable than they hope to make their target. That person is filled to overflowing with poison, and they want to vomit it into your life because (not to be trite) misery loves company. That’s all.

    You’ll find your healthy equilibrium in this second puberty, because you’ve got that kind of soul power. You are a growing, evolving being. You’ve made it a point to be that. That person may be consigned to their misery forever.

    Walk on, my dear.

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  11. Devon. What a beautiful response to an attack from a troubled spirit. I am full of admiration for your humanity and scale of values.

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  12. We all love you, Devon! Such a sweet soul you are, & shame on him for being so niminy-piminy! 🙂

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  13. Hi Devon,
    I had written to you about a year ago, and was very impressed with your friendliness. I had meant to keep up here, but got sidetracked by my own unfortunate online experiences with some people very like your little “fan”…
    It’s the anonymity of the internet that allows this kind of behavior. The downside of the increased communication and access to people is that it also empowers those who would, in the pre-internet days, been ignored, and rightly so. Now, any half-wit with a keyboard and internet access has a “voice”, and because they can hide behind fake ID’s there isn’t any effective social censure to stop them from spouting all manner of hateful crap. The person who wrote that letter never has to worry that he’ll be out somewhere, and someone will come up to him and say, “Hey Joe, I saw your letter to that guy…what are you, some kind of asshole?” He will never have to stand behind those words, never be called to account for them, in this life anyway.
    Well, just wanted to reconnect with your blog, and felt a need to comment on this. My little online “freaks” bothered me a lot, but then I’m too damned sensitive…*sigh*
    And I also wanted to let you know that in my humble opinion, you are a gentleman with a lot of class…:-)

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