Paris or bust!

Tomorrow I leave for a week in Paris, and I’m fighting off an intense cold (which I think was brought on after a bout with strep throat last week). But you know what?? I don’t care – I am ready to be in Europe again! I have missed it SO MUCH! And, contrary to some Americans, J’ADORE LA FRANCE (et tout ce qui est fran├žais)! I just hope I’m not “that guy” who gives everyone on the airplane cooties for Christmas. At any rate, I will post pics after I get back January 2, 2012. In the meantime I wanted to begin breaking the silence a little bit about the projects I have been doing for the past several months.

Although it is an artificial deadline that I have created for myself (and therefore isn’t set in stone), I am hoping to launch a new gay adult website for Valentine’s Day, 2012. There is still a great deal to be done in the meantime, so I cannot promise that this date won’t change; however, we have been very busy putting together a site that specifically seeks to NOT be like any other I have ever seen or heard of. Yes, everyone says that, I know. But whereas the content of an adult site really cannot be reinvented all that much, the process can be (and that is where our focus lies). The who/what/when/where/why/how of this site definitely distinguishes itself from the typical porn pages. In fact, we won’t be making porn. You will understand what I mean once everything is in place and all the pieces are fitting together.

Something to note is that the interface for this new site will be drastically different from that which has become stereotypical to adult media pages. Because I am going to keep my blog at the same time (and because the two sites will be connected via links), I want there to be a sense of design continuity between my diary and the new content site. The pages won’t match per se, because they are two separate sites, but I would like visitors who go back and forth to experience something akin to a parallel interface. With that in mind the layout of this blog is going to have its first true redesign. Each year around January or February the blog gets tweaked and made more efficient and tidier. Generally it has been a fairly subtle rearranging and some color scheme changes; however, the next version of this site will be much different from those I have used before, and I ask that you please be patient and play with the new design once it is activated. Some of the concepts concerning organization will be implemented at a basic level, and that will require some playing/discovering on your part as a reader.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, that 2012 is full of success for you, and that wherever you are you know yourself to be valued and loved.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. *kiss*

    Happy New Year, my dear! I can’t wait to see what’s in store with all the amazingness that you have going on!

    I hope Paris is caressing you completely!

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