Samhain 2011: RIP Grampa

It was a glorious day: The colors were vibrant, but just past their prime, and there were icicles everywhere. There had been a snow storm the night before, so the symbolism was perfect. There was beauty everywhere, though it sometimes seemed a bit browbeaten.

The earth is going to sleep for a spell. And we are on the cusp of rest and temporary death.

The sky was incredible – the colors in the clouds were gorgeous. I trekked up to the top of Mount Mitchell (at +6,800 ft it’s the highest point in North America east of the Mississippi River), and it was really amazing. That night I did the ritual itself on KITTEH’s screened-in sniffing parlor at my apartment. Grampa liked Port, so I used that, rather than a simple wine. KITTEH helped (KITTEH has strong magick). Grampa loved cats – sometimes I think he preferred cats to people (and I can completely relate to that).

But yes, it was a beautiful Samhain, even it it was the first time I had to do a ritual for the dead. It gave me a better sense of closure, and (for my part) I sent Grampa off on his long journey with love, friendship, peace, and joy. Happy Belated New Year!

“Au fur et au mésure que je connais mieux les hommes, je préfère mon chat.” (The more I know men, the better I like my cat.)

“C’eux qui s’amusent aux chats peuvent pas maudire les giffres.”  (People who play with cats should not curse the claws.)

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. You have expressed and shared a beautiful feeling in memory of your grandfather. He is very proud of you.

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  2. I agree. And the colors were awesome. I was up near highlands Oct 18th-21st.

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  3. Dear Devon Hunter – or should I write: “Un bonjour de Paris, cher Devon Hunter”?
    Well, the landscape you told us about is very beautiful indeed. I am sure that all your “Followers” do think that your beloved Grandfather’s memory was greatly honored on that “glorious Day”. You truly paid a warm tribute to Him, and as French Guy, I can tell you:”Quel touchant hommage!”.
    May I ask you a question? Why did you write a few lines in French? Did your Grandfather speak it? Anyway, should I tell you that you made some mistakes in your quotations? Well, if you want me to help you, just a little… it’s up to Thee, my Lord!
    It’s eleven a.m. down here in Paris, and the Sun cannot show its “face”, since there are many many greyish clouds in the sky! Weather conditions have been really amazing since the end of October in France: temperature has been unexpectedly high for the season, and people have been taken the opportunity of sharing outdoor life with Friends, so to speak.
    Well, it’s time for me to go, so I wish you a very nice Monday, in your charming City of Charlotte. Take care of you, and dance as much as you will: you are such a sweet Heart…

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    • Thank you, and yes: I always want to be better. Envoyez-moi les corrections à [email protected], et je les publierai. 🙂 Paris is a jewel of a city – I’m glad you are enjoying its beauty!

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      • Dear Devon Hunter,
        I’m glad that you “want to be better”, as you wrote – I guess you have been making a habit of reaching a better way to completion, whatsoever you have had to do so far, haven’t you? Dance is a very demanding spouse… So, why shouldn’t I help you: French is rather a tiny matter in comparison with Dance!
        Since you ask me to send you some “corrections” at your e-mail box, I will do it from tomorrow, because you deserve more than some “do not write this” or “instead of writing this…”, and so on… According to me, you need some explanations not to make mistakes any more: this is not just a matter of spelling…
        Thank you for having written that you were glad I could enjoy Paris’ beauty. Indeed, I had a little time to walk this afternoon, in spite of a light drizzle: I went to a small place called “the Swan Island”. It’s just a lane in the middle of the “Seine River” that is located between the “Eiffel Tower” and the “Statue of Liberty” – in fact, the little Sister of New York City’s big one, since they are both French. People can walk there, all along the central path; or have a seat on benches to watch the River flowing, as they are cuddling; or run with their dogs as fast as they want, since it’s a car-free place, so to speak: it’s just a friendly and simple place.
        Anyway, I’m sure that Charlotte has plenty of charming places… and what about the mountains that you took some pictures of? Marvellous and inspiring indeed!
        Well, it’s Supper time now: I have to go. I wish you a nice day at home with Kitteh. Take care… and enjoy your place!

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