Pregnant with possibility: 9-11

I have been working for two years on an idea. I was inspired during a conversation with Dr. Terry Gerace (original director of the DC FUK!T campaign) in the Spring of 2009, just as I was about to do my first video. Last night I got news that one more item (and a significant one) on a very long checklist has been accomplished. I’m so excited that I’m numb. I should be bouncing off the walls with joy, joy, joy; however, I find myself meditative instead. The responsibility of everything coalesces, and the development is sobering (though not daunting per se). I couldn’t sleep in this morning, as much as I need to, because there is SO MUCH more to be done. The day is pregnant with possibility, and I had to get up and absorb the personal magnitude of what awaits.

Today is the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks in New York City, DC, and Pennsylvania. At this exact moment (08:46 EST) the first plane struck 10 years ago. I was in Berlin, Germany picking up my plane tickets to fly home in 10 days, hearing about what would become the defining moments of a new era in our culture. I was numb that day, too. The world was terrifying then. We in Germany feared W. would push the little red button and begin the end. It was horrible. But we opened our theatre production, against the terrorists’ wishes, and we performed as if freedom itself were the spectator – we got a standing ovation, but the applause was for the people who died. Today, I’m heading to LGA to fly home.

Exactly a decade later I am in New York City, only blocks from Ground Zero, and a new chain of events is happening for me personally. Who knows where it will go? Its potential is great. But rather than terrified and doubtful, I am beginning this new decade with confidence and eagerness. I hope everyone everywhere has, at some point, a similar rejuvenation of spirit. We have experienced a long process as a world village, but soon we have to let our creative natures rule, rather than our destructive sides. I hope this day passes without event, and I hope the non-happening is what will set into motion a decade of resurgence in optimism.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. A tribute to those who lost their life. But each who died serves as a strength for us as we move forward with our own life.

    Thank you, Devon

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  2. Well said my friend…

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