Liars, and bullies, and cunts… oh, my!

Dear @SpencerReedXXX,

Before we go any further I want you to know that I am writing this with a very calm and measured tone. Please consider reading “Misogyny as the language of homophobia.” I am taking control of this (which I know is something difficult for you to accept), because the messaging here is mine, not yours. Take a deep breath, pause before you continue, and hear my words as I am telling you they are spoken.

Yesterday you sent out a general attack against your female fans, calling them all over-sensitive cunts, even though there are perhaps only a few very specific individuals toward whom you meant to air your griefs. One of these specific individuals is my friend, @JPBarnaby, and you singled her out for particular abuse. You did this, because she has dared to defy your plan to blacklist and ruin someone. You consciously chose to attack her in a way that is obvious in its intent to cause emotional harm: You said she was a pathetic person and an unskilled writer. You are not the person to make either of these judgments, since you have never met JP and you write at the level of a poorly educated 8th grader. I stand behind the comment I made that, “I have read four of JP’s books, and she knows more about gay love than you ever will.”

There are many “Ladies of Gay Porn” (#LOGP), and they are a diverse bunch. @JPBarnaby and her writer friends thrive on fantasy, and they value the creative and emotive parts of sexuality whose nuances are utterly lost on you; @ErynnVaehne says her “body is made of water and gay porn,” and she works in the M4M industry by specific choice; @MamaTStar and women like her are loyal and protective friends to men who might not otherwise have affirmation from anyone else; and @PornBiatch enthusiastically comments on the state of gay videos, making many astute observations that the industry should heed. And none of these women are cunts. Not. A. Single. One. These women are not fag hags, nor are they fruit flies: They are honey bees. Can I get a witness? (*insert praise and speaking in tongues)

You strike me (excuse the pun) as a bullying thug who operates at a very base level driven to extremes by steroid abuse, and your neanderthal methods are not only manipulative but transparent. Your grossly dismissive attitude toward women is not only mean spirited, it is also financially unsound. Women make up a significant portion of your audience, though most of them are silent and are reluctant to be known (probably because of situations like the one you created yesterday). Personally, I believe that people should avoid paying for their own oppression, and I am again voicing my opinion that people of color should avoid racist videos, gay men should avoid homophobic videos, and women should avoid supporting people like you.

A few random, unrelated facts before closing: Assault is illegal. So is filing false charges. While we’re at it, lying to police is generally ill-advised, given that it’s possibly a form of obstruction of justice. Falsifying injuries in order to commit slander or libel is unwise, and perjury (unless you’re a member of Congress) will not generally be tolerated by most judges. Also, before you presume to start bullying me for defending my friends and ideals, call the people at Sean Cody and Queerclick and ask them how well that tactic works against me. I’m not afraid of them, and I’m not afraid of you.


Devon Hunter

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Eloquent, insightful, inspired.

    Thank you so much for proving to me (silly female writer of love stories that I am) that the type of man I like to write about exists.

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  2. Devon, I tilt my hat to you. Very eloquent and to the point. People could do a hell of a lot worse than to call you friend, and I’m certainly glad to know that JP can count you among hers.

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  3. Well said, sir. Friends are among the most important resources to have in life, and it’s rare to find someone who is truly ready to go to bat for those they care about. Loyalty and dedication can be downright dangerous when paired with a strong will and a sharp pen… er… keyboard. I’m glad to see you stand your ground, and I sincerely hope that you, too, have friends that will stand up vehemently for you if you ever need it.

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  4. We need more gay men to speak out when our own brothers resort to sexism. Well done.

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  5. wow….glad to see u’re back in the game!! I must admit I haven’t been paying close attention to the blog (holding my wrist out to be slapped), but DAMN somebody stretched the thong and it’s refreshing to hear u yell Ow!!
    At any rate, I love me some women. I love their courage. I love the acceptance and most of all I love how they make it ok. My Mom was one of those women. Brave on Devon and meet me at Jacko’s for one of those new “JPBarnaby” strap-ons I’ve heard talk about!

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  6. A very strong and well-written response. Friends and allies of every variety are always accepted and it saddens me when prejudices purge that from happening. /cheers!

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  7. Wouldn’t it had been better to talk to Spencer and sort it out instead of tiresome internet porn star wars? He’s still a sexy guy. I agree with the admonishing, but I think you have fallen into the same unprofessional bitchiness that other porn star wars have had with each other. Shame you and him have contributed to what I think is the real problem between gay men – not the church, not the marriage, not the violence from straights, not the discrimination, but the internal bitching that goes on between men in all our communities. I’m not saying you are not right. I am not saying said person is good or bad. I am just saying it really puts my view of you and a lot of what you wrote about on your blogs in doubt. Have a really nice life because when you are over a certain age and have burnt a lot of bridges, as big as the USA is, it haunts you.

    PS to anyone who bothers to reply its not anti anyone, and I don’t condone the other person’s rants against women, but I do think making wars like this public contribute is not an appropriate place to denegrate each other.

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    • Michael, I often don’t reply to you, because I honestly don’t know what to say to you most of the time. You leave replies whose logic I cannot follow, but since you are civil I just let it go, because I don’t feel like having an argument; however, in this instance I will respond. If you think this entry undermines everything you know about me, then you haven’t read as much of my blog as you contend you have. I have been calling people on the carpet since day one almost four years ago, and I’m not going to stop just because you mistakenly presume I have diminished the messaging of my blog. I stand behind every word I have said in this entry. You are invited to disagree, as always, but I am rebutting your assertion that this entry is out of character.

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  8. Michael,
    I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one. Bigotry and hate are not issues to be silent about, and public forums are most definitely the place to call people out about them so they can’t hide.
    Devon has been calling people out on those issues for a long time. It is part of what makes him unique, and one of the main reasons I admire him. He isn’t afraid to say what needs saying, and yes it needs saying. When good men stand by and do nothing, evil wins. Devon doesn’t just let evil win.
    There’s a difference between “Internal bitching” and “Civil rights activism”. This was the later not the former.

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  9. Beautifully said as usual Devon. I remember the first email I sent to you as a fan. 🙂 You were so kind and generous and embraced me as a female fan with the utmost respect instead of distaste. You are not only beautiful on the outside but have a beautiful soul as well. I have tremendous respect for you and continue to be inspired by your insight, knowledge, humor and wonderful spirit. xxoo

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  10. *smiling*

    You’re one of the people whose existence often refreshes my faith in humanity.

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  11. i think cunts are great!

    what is wrong with the word?

    Pussy is more demeaning than cunt. Pussy implies weakness, CUNT implies strength.

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  12. Pussy implies passivity, and a receptacle for a dick.

    Cunt implies the total force of life, or pleasure.

    There is no shame in being a cunt.

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    • I agree that words have power or not, depending on the perspective of the person hearing them; however, context is also important. And in this instance it wouldn’t have mattered what the word was, the meaning was hateful.

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