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I wanted to bring your attention to someone who contacted me recently, and who has a very interesting blog concerning adult entertainment. She updates frequently, she likes bananas, and she tackles issues ranging from health/diet to legalities, identity, and philosophy. Regardless of her being female, her insights can be very helpful to gay men (or anyone else who wants hear insider perspectives). Please consider giving her a visit! Her link is permanently listed under the links for “Interesting Adult Blogs” at the bottom of the screen. For simplicity’s sake within this introduction, you can also visit her by clicking here.

Also, I wanted to share a couple of pics from my adventure on the roller coasters. I got to use a VIP pass, so I didn’t have to wait in lines AT ALL, and I got a personal tour guide for the whole day! So, for nine hours I got to do about 35 rides! Not bad, considering an 8-hour day may get you only 4-8 rides when the lines are long or the attractions you want are spread out across the park and you waste time zigzagging and guessing the way to them. With Shelley we got bustled about quickly from ride to ride, because she knew the quickest path to each one, and she had a great sense of how to pack as much as possible into the day. Plus, I don’t think I had to wait more than one-three minutes for any ride at all throughout the whole visit (which is WAY better than one-three hours). For most of the rides I simply walked up and got into the next arriving compartment. AWESOME!! Also, the brunette girl guessed my age wrong (but we’ll take 26 any day of the week), so I got to bring home a black plush animal for Kitteh to snuggle with while I’m traveling out of town.

Note: I can do horizontal insanity all day long, but one spinning ride and I’m done for a while (see left). I don’t like spinning. I get car sick very easily – I always have – and being in a spinning ride makes me pretty queasy. At any rate, of the 30 or 35 rides I did only three were like helicopter blades and none were like spinning tops. The overwhelming majority of what I rode were coasters (the single corkscrews and various inversions don’t make me sick), as well as other rides that go forward, as opposed to around and around. Those types of rides feel like the exhilaration I get from gymnastics, trampolines,  and dancing: Falling, recovering, floating, flying, hurtling, darting, rolling, soaring, sailing, riding, etc… It’s like a drug, and movement makes me high (see right). If you ever have the chance to do a VIP pass at Cedar Point in Ohio, DO IT. The cost may look high, but when you look at all the amenities that come with it, you actually get a MUCH BETTER bang for your bucks.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Thank you so much for the supportive comments toward my blog, Devon!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the roller coasters and I do to, except when they have the banging, jerking feeling. I used to work in an amusement park spending hours outside in the hot summers with low pay and no benefits, but the main perk was that I could get in for free when I wasn’t working. The feeling of going upside down in the loops on the roller coasters is amazing!

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  2. Vegan: Wanted to share my reaction to your blog. Well done! As Devon pointed out, the focus on women is obvious, but there is definitely something to be learned for and about the opposite sex. Also, great to see a blog which remains current. Keep up the good work.

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    • Thank you, Bob. I appreciate the compliment. I plan to continue posting blog entries regularly, like Devon does here. That makes a blog worth coming back to.

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  3. I’ve just now discovered your blog, which leaps out as immensely follow-worthy, so I do plan to, ardemment et avec plaisir !

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  4. checkin in… went to cedar point too…did ALL them damned scary rides….glad i did….but there is NO WAY they’re getting me back on “dragster”….i’d ride ron jeremy first (i just burped up something, no seriously step back….scuse me!!!).
    missing u

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