Pick on someone your own size

Well, after two months of almost no entries, here’s a second one in one day. I wasn’t going to blog this, but I just decided to vent it out of my system.

Earlier, while my window was open, I heard two people having a very heated and profanity-laden argument in the parking lot. It was a lovers spat quickly devolving into a problem. He started cursing horribly at her at the top of his lungs while she was just crying and trying to carry all her stuff out in one trip to the car. When he threatened her, something in me just snapped. I walked out of my apartment in my underwear and a baseball cap with no shoes on, stomped directly to where they were, got in his face and informed him that if he threatened her one more time I would call the police.

He got very quiet.

A friend told me that I must have been quite the sight when fuming with rage. I thought he was shocked by my near nudity. I hadn’t considered that I might be intimidating on some level… I hope I didn’t scare him. Well, I kinda hope I did. He was being so mean to that woman. She was crying, and he threatened “to fuck you and your car up!” while throwing a bottle at her… I’m not having it. Period. I love women so much, and it pisses me off beyond belief to see men act that way. It’s unacceptable in general, but completely unconscionable when he’s humiliating and hurting her publicly while she’s begging to know what she did to him that was so bad that he would treat her that way. No, I think not… I am not having it.

I still have adrenaline pumping through my system. Writing about it helps. I have a very low threshold of tolerance for abuse, especially when it’s done publicly to humiliate someone. I almost got involved a while back at Secrets in DC when two gay dancers were getting stupid in the dressing room (See: “Some of them want to abuse you”), and the blog entry about it put the abuser in check and the abused woke up. So, no regrets; however, it still makes me feel giddy with fear and anger when I see this kind of crap.

Why can’t people just be kind to each other?

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. A thumbs-up for you, Devon. No question in my mind, you took the right action and did the right thing. Bravo!

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  2. I’m proud of you. Too few people would get involved, and that’s a damn shame.

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  3. You should see the abuse I have gotten from online other gay men who are bitchy nasty queens. I should do the same virtually you did 😉

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  4. You’re so beautiful -and I’m not using the word “beautiful” by chance in this context!

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  5. I’m proud of you, honey!

    Part of me was a little scared–people are crazy, and in situations like that they could turn on you. I’m sure you know that, though, and you have a very finely tuned instinct. Also, too much of that type of thing happens and no one does or says anything. So good for you.

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