Delay on 13-part series: Sorry!

Hey there – just as I started blogging again I had to stop: My wallet was lost this past weekend, and I’ve been running around doing all the necessary tasks/chores to freeze/reorder cards and replace my driver’s license. No fraudulent activity reported, so that is a big relief. I’ve contended with enough of that type of crap, I would like to think. I am very happy that it has been as smooth of a process as it has been, and I’m grateful there’s no mess to fix. On another note: This week is already starting of beautifully (I just bought some wonderful teas from Teavana, I was able to send some financial relief to someone struggling with medical bills, I reconnected with some friends, and my hair was very cute today for the DMV). It really is a beautiful day!! 🙂

In a couple days, when I have some head space to think more clearly, I will write part 4 of Establishing a Career in Adult Entertainment. Sorry for the delay – I will get back on track soon. Just need to catch my breath. I’m also playing catch up on a business proposal, so I do apologize for not updating with more frequency. I hope you are all having a good start to your week.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Devon: As much as your blog is important, there are just so many hours in a a day.It is understandable. Priorities have to be established and met, especially those you had to deal with recently. But those of us who know you, understand your committment. The day did become brighter, the mind clear, and the blog sequence will return in time. As the expression goes: ” In Devon, We Trust!” Good luck with your business plan.

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  2. Sorry to hear that always sucks especially when people don’t hand them in. I am bad because I hand them in. I found one a few months ago with hundreds of dollars. Could of taken it but didn’t. Nothing to do with karma or new age crap, (disclaimer I do believe in a lot of that stuff but there are limits), just believed it was for the person. May you get it back. Actually once I did lose mine it was lost for months, replaced all the cards and it turned up LOL

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