Part 1 of 13: I am a courtesan

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(*Devon breaks up the stuffy air of the classroom by playing this video before the series begins: Click here to see “Velvet Jones School of Technology” by Eddie Murphy)

I am an educated, talented, intelligent, attractive and kind person. That isn’t arrogance, baby. That’s truth! And that (in my mind) is the distinction between arrogance and pride: As T.I. said, “Errbody kno it ain’t trickin’ if ya got it.” And that introduction isn’t meant to elevate myself above you or anyone else. Remember Janet Jackson’s suggestion: “Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Comparisons are almost always harmful. Comparisons mean there’s a winner and loser – and you’re the one who winds up feeling like a loser.” We each have our own collection of advantages and vulnerabilities, and so your exquisite beauty may be nothing like mine at all (and yet your unique embodiment of “Awesome!” is still precious). All this is simply my way of telling you, directly, what attributes will benefit you – if you want to continue in this direction. And if you do, there are some great clients, beautiful places, and wonderful experiences to be shared!!

There are so many people who need to experience some of your goodness; however, you have to also have the fortitude and wisdom to know when and how much to give of yourself. Also know that giving is balanced with receiving: Never work for free, no matter your profession. The cycle of Giving-Receiving is a healthy and happy expression of interconnection and sharing, whereas sacrifice will leave you embittered (and taking is disempowering to others). Always Give-Receive, never sacrifice-take. Work yourself into wealth, not poverty. This is my drawn out way of saying that you must know your worth, expect to get the success you deserve, and enact your style of honest beauty into everything you do. If you do this, you will attract people seeking the same, and that is the journey toward success.

Who can be an Adult Entertainer? Anyone who is approaching the industry with a level head and without desperation. I wrote “Who should NOT be a dancer?” back in April, 2009. I will explore these nuances more in subsequent parts of this series, but for now you should take some time to do some intensive reflection on who you are as a person, what your goals are, and why you want to be in this industry. It is a great career, and you will meet some wonderful people, but no office is perfect: You will also meet people who are not wonderful.

The following links will come up again within other contexts, but consider reading these entries, if you read nothing else in this series:

What is a courtesan? I will explain this more in part 2.

When should I enter into this industry? After you have done your homework, and this series will help you do that. I will provide you with links to external resources in subsequent entries.

Where can I work? It will depend on the modality and direction your career takes. With dancing, you can go just about anywhere. With video you will be primarily in California and Florida when you do shoots within the USA. If you choose to see clients in private you will often migrate between mid- to large-sized cities (although this is not always the case).

Why would I want to be in Adult Entertainment? Why do you want to be in any career? They all have their ups and downs, and that is precisely what I hope this blog will help you decide.

How can my career be handled successfully? I can tell you how I have done it, but you will ultimately need to tailor this information to your circumstances. I hope that my mistakes, insights, and observations will help you avoid reinventing the wheel as much as possible. Work smarter, not harder!!

If, after reading this introduction, you are still interested in considering a career in Adult Entertainment, then I invite you to consider the remaining portions of this series. I hope that whatever you do, you remember to never approach anything in this industry from a position of desperation. You can have a long, rewarding, and happy career, so long as you remember to take care of your most important asset: You.

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Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Devon,

    That second paragraph can and should be applied to just about any career decision one makes. Whether one is considering the adult industry or any other career..It’s spot on.

    Cant wait to see the rest of your posts!!!

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  2. The truth that you speak is so universal in all professions. It brings the quality you infer and the honesty which others seek. Thus the word “truth” is the operative word. Without truth, you become an individual less than successful.

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  3. What do you define as truth but? What if your truth was I am gay but want to do bi sexual movies? Is gay for pay not truth? All these concepts are good but they are driven by others’ definition of truth. If truth is you are gay but want to do both hetro and homosexual pornography then that is valid.

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