Establishing a career in Adult Entertainment

This 13-part series is something I have been considering for a while, and the need for it became clear as I started getting more and more questions concerning topics I had already addressed. Over the course of years, the practical information in this blog has been diluted and has become difficult to find. I am going to place a link on the Favorites page. There will also be a permanent link in the footer of every page, so all 13 entries will be easily accessible at all times. This is a fluid process, and if I say something that triggers more questions, or if you have an idea that is better than what I include here, please send me an email, and I will update the relevant entry to include your suggestions. Please note that I am offering my perspective on how I have honed a successful and satisfying career in Adult Entertainment – your road will probably go in a different direction from mine; however, perhaps something in these trail guides will make your route a bit more scenic.

Part 1: I am a courtesan

Part 2: Modalities

Part 3: Research & Development

Part 4: Branding

Part 5: Advertising & Correspondence

Part 6: Clients

Part 7: Fees

Part 8: Economics

Part 9: STDs

Part 10: Legalities

Part 11: Travel

Part 12: Diversification

Part 13: Retirement

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Hello Devon

    Obviously being nearly 46 and fat (side issue I started my training and eating program its awesome to be able to run without puffing and what a good thing I did not taking up smoking) I don’t see myself doing porn. That combined with the fact I won’t spend much time in the USA, place scares me, but I am off track, I want to bring something to your attention for your view if you have time to read.

    In this age of social media, and you told a story a while ago on your blog, when you do porn you obviously make a decision to share a part of one’s life that in the past, before porn being so widespread in many societies, would have destroyed one’s future. Many porn stars we don’t hear about have had success post porn, but we only hear about the Joey Stefano type tragedies.

    But isn’t management of one’s identity in this age of little privacy VERY important and maybe an issues to discuss? You might be discussing that in branding but part of what porn stars do challenge people.

    To be more clear here are some examples which seem to challenge people’s views on how porn should be:

    1. Barebacking

    2. Sean Cody (you know that) and the hetrosexual models

    3. Daddy Muggs and Jake Cruise, I personally find Jake’s non use of condoms to be horrifying, but just because he does not fit the body type for most porn consumers what’s the big deal

    4. Mason Wyler’s dramas (I do like him and his movies) and his decision to bareback

    5. Antonio Giovanni’s doing straight, bi and gay porn and being publically humilated on Twitter over it by hetrosexual women porn actors who both do lesbian scenes (that is ok pffft) and take cum in the mouth (which gay porn does not do enough of, which I am not saying isn’t good or bad).

    So, my point is Devon, to me it seems somewhat that when you do porn or escorting or both one has to be very strong because of this. Society is hypocritical. Look at Bin Laden – called everyone infidels yet lived in a huge castle. It is the same with porn. Chris Steele the actor and now director was right that the straight/bi/gay porn industry has many standards about what one should be. Then with the outside world you are both a wanted object, to be used, yet those same people that consume pornography turn ex porn actors down for jobs. This hypocrisy is something I feel new actors must know is possible before they make the decision to do porn.

    Then when you are in the industry you are a male who does straight porn, you incur the wraith of your straight actors for having sex with men, and then the gay actors who hate gay for pay.

    I could talk about energy protection etc but that is a bit off track, but my point is, to me having a thick skin is so vital in the choices. You for example are not attracted to females, but if you did a bi film and went with a woman, for f**ks sake I would not go ‘oh he’s done straight porn I will never watch him again he has betrayed us’ but his is the sort of crap that people throw at others.

    Sorry for the long post Devon but to me I just have a huge issue with double standards – if I was an employer and the person had the qualifications and hide their porn past and was doing a great job, there is NO way I would sack them if I found out and had brought tons of their porn movies. That’s what gets me – we consume porn, use it, then condemn others for doing it, then you have people in your industry in the USA criticising others in a nasty way for gay for pay choices, barebacking or doing bi films.

    Again sorry for long post look foreward to reading your advice on managing a career.

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  2. Hi! Thanks a thousand times for all this valuable information. I’ve been setting up my business for a few months and I routinely check back here for reminders/encouragement. Am I right in thinking you have posted the last few installments here? Eagerly awaiting them.

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    • Hey Jack, I haven’t yet posted them, no (much to my shame… I really DO intend to finish what I started). Have patience with this lazy writer, and I will get the series finished. Right now I’m in London, so I will look at finishing up during the second half of December while I am at home. Thanks for checking in on me 🙂 xoxo

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  3. I’ve been wondering how I can get into the adult entertainment industry. I’m glad I ran into this site. I read almost all of your articles and I love the way you try to impartially share the tidbits of your work. Too bad that the links to part 9 to 13 of this section seem to be dead now.
    Anyway, I’ve been hovering over your site because I’m aspiring to be a successful porn performer. I know it’s not easy, that’s why I’m taking it seriously. I’ve done an intensive research on that.
    I’m fascinated by the porn world, and indeed I think working in it is just like working in any other field. If I work hard, I should be able to get what you want. I know all the ‘consequences’, but I’ve made up my mind. I want to have a career in the adult entertaibment, especially porn. However, the biggest problem for me is, porn is far from legal in my country. That’s why I’m considering coming to US to reach that dream.
    Despite my determination I gotta admit that I’m somewhat hesitant, too. I’m Asian (Indonesian). I’m 5’4″, athletic and well groomed. Though I’m far from considering myself among the pretiest SE Asian faces, I’m very confident about the way I look and I think it’s very important in the business. However, I wonder if Asians would sell in America (I know this topic is ugly but let’s face it. Male Asians are almost nonexistent in Western pornography). And what’s worse is, I heard that it’s impossible now for non-US citizens to do porn there like it used to be in the old days. Is that true?
    And suppose I got a chance to do porn in the US, what would you suggest me to do (in general) since I’m not some regular US citizen whom you seem to address in all your articles?

    Many thanks and much love from Indonesia 😉

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    • Hello Fulan – My apologies for the delay in replying. I have been traveling a great deal lately, and I get behind on messages sometimes. I haven’t yet written parts 9 – 13 of that series (I have been needing to finish it for quite some time, in fact).

      I don’t generally want to ever discourage anyone; however, I think there are some flaws to your logic about approaching porn in particular as a career. First, most people (including most porn models) cannot make a career in porn regardless of where they live or what race they are. The scenes nowadays pay practically nothing, so even being “popular” and doing lots of scenes doesn’t guarantee you a good income. Second, there are other modalities of adult entertainment, porn being only one facet of a larger gem stone. Third, coming to the USA is already hard enough. Making this idea your foundation is exceedingly unwise. There are no guarantees, most people in the industry will not be helpful, and you may find yourself in dire straights if you don’t have a broader plan. Fourth, as you have already said: “Male Asians are almost nonexistent in Western pornography.”

      As for non-US citizens not being able to do porn in the USA, I don’t believe that is true. I believe Michael Lucas brings in guys from Russia, East Europe, and Latin America (however, you should NEVER work for him – he’s totally batshit crazy). There are other sites that bring in models from Canada and Europe. At least they were. If they are no longer able to do so, that would be a very recent development.

      As for addressing only US citizens: It’s my lens. That is my perspective. I can’t talk about this career from any other angle. What would be perhaps more helpful is if you could find someone who HAS done what you are seeking to do (or some variation on it). I’m totally vanilla, so I don’t keep up with kink and fetish sites; however, I think there’s an Asian man at who directs and stars in fetish videos. I don’t know if you are into that or not (I’m not, and I can’t tell you anything about what it would be like to be on their set). Also, seek out Eli Lewis. He is an Asian adult entertainer in New York City who has connections at He would, perhaps, be a better person to talk to from the perspective of working as an Asian male in the USA (but I think he was born here, and so is a citizen – so he may not have any insight for you about coming here from Indonesia).

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  4. Dear Devon

    It’s very kind of you. I can’t appreciate more that you were taking your time writing a response to me. Your words are not discouraging, just flat out honest. In fact I was expecting that kind of explanation, ’cause that’s the very reason I decided to write to you. I know you always try to be honest and genuine in an your articles. Those who are considering getting into adult entertainmnent industry need to talk to people like you indeed.

    I remembered you mentioned Mitch Vaughn (if I’m not mistaken) in an article about how you want your work as porn actor serve your goal. Well, I think I am the kind of porn person that he is. My ultimate goal in the field is to produce pornographic movies/scenes. However, I do realize that coming all the way to the US pursuing a career (if I may call it so) in the industry is far from being a wise step. So, thank you again for the insights.

    Failing to do porn is not the end of the world. I’m a person flexible and resilient enough to even consider the job. There are plenty of other stuffs to do out there. I will still have a space for adult entertainment in my mind, though, just in case a perfect opportunity arises. Until then, life goes on.

    Best of wishes for you, hottie! 😉

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