New Scene: Falcon’s “Jesse’s Getaway”

A couple days ago the last scene I shot back in October went live at Falcon. The scene is with Jesse (Kyle) Santana (@KyleSantana), and is part of Jesse’s movie, “Jesse’s Getaway.” This was a particularly good scene to do. Unfortunately, you won’t see the best parts, because those moments happened while the cameras were offline and/or being adjusted. Unlike all my other scenes, Jesse and I kept going even when the cameras weren’t recording. The most beautiful moments are thus mine alone, and I don’t regret that. Sorry to be greedy, but Kyle whispering “You’re so pretty with my dick in your mouth” is really probably more authenticity than most people could handle. I texted @FabscoutHoward this morning: “If I pay you a higher commission percentage, can you get Jesse Santana to marry me? KayThanxBuy”

This scene, along with the work I did with @BenjaminBradley for “Summer Heat” and the self-made “Morning Wood” with David-SF, makes up the group of three scenes that I am not only fond of but proud of. These are the three where everything came together to make the process absolutely awesome. This represents the last of the work I have shot to date. There is nothing else waiting to be released until I do more scenes. I have had to turn down about 7 – 10 scenes this year already, because I don’t hear from the houses/Fabscout far out enough in advance before I’ve bought non-refundable tickets to fly wherever I’m going. And that’s alright, because there will be more opportunities. When it’s supposed to happen, it will.

At any rate, I remember this scene fondly, and I even Tweeted about it a few minutes after we were finished. That particular day I was running very late, and I arrived a bit stressed out. Jesse was very laid back, the crew was compassionate about my situation that afternoon, and everything was easy, breezy. I admit I was concerned when I saw how large Jesse is endowed (and I’d never experienced a Prince Albert before), but that’s the beauty of attraction: All things are possible through chemistry who strengthens me. Anyway, I don’t feel I look fat in the preview, so I guess this one is a win all around!

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Not into all of the piercings but he is a good looking guy.

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  2. Jesse had two up him in a Titan Men movie Damien Crosse being one of them, that was HOT. He looked much better back then, looks too scruffy.

    What do you mean you look fat? Don’t talk CRAP you are not get over it.

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    • Oh STFU asshole, let people express themselves freely, not everybody has the same interests. I bet having a Prince up my ass would feel even better than a commoner, even though I don’t like piercing and that kinda shit.

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  3. You look beautiful in the video and in recent pictures. Jesse does look cute in this scene. I like his hair and the scruff. One question: how does a PA feel? Any difference from a non pierced penis?

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  4. You shouldn’t be so greedy! And I can handle a lot of authenticity! 😛

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  5. Is Jesse’s Getaway released yet? I can’t see any way to get it from Falcon’s website, it appears it is not available, except to view on-line.

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    • Hey Mike,

      I would presume it’s available somewhere, since it’s streaming on the site; however, I admit I am perplexed and a tad miffed that there is like… NO buzz about what is one is the best scenes I’ve done… weird…

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