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This photo is from Fall 2008 - Sméagol is fluffy as always, but so am I! LOL I was in a weight gaining phase, and I hadn't gotten Lasik surgery yet either... Blast from the past!

Hey there, I have decided to check in quickly, because I have gotten several emails, texts, and other forms of communication all asking something along the lines of, “Are you okay? You haven’t blogged in weeks.” The short answer is that everything is absolutely great. There is nothing wrong at all. I have been quiet, because I haven’t had much of anything to say, and rather than simply put fluff on the blog I decided to wait until there was something meaningful to add. Recently there were about 70 tornadoes in one day here in North Carolina; however, they did most of their damage in the eastern part of the state, and those storms were not affecting me directly (I was in Washington, DC at the time). Yes, kitty is safe and sound. In fact, he is out on the patio watching the plants do whatever it is that plants do when only cats are around to see them do it.

With all that said, I do intend to start blogging again, and I will even be specific, so as not to cause any further concern. I have to go to Houston tomorrow for a couple days, then I have about 36 hours to myself, after which I will be in Charleston, SC for most of next week doing a 4-day appointment (and I will probably not have much access to the intrawebzes as a result). If I am out of touch next week, please do not take it personally. Once I get back from Charleston next Friday I have the evening to myself and then fly to Boston the next day for 24 hours to do one of the Overnights for Japan that I scheduled a few weeks ago. I will be back in Charlotte after that. So… I will not be blogging for the next 10 days or so; however, when I do start again on or about May 1 I have a 13-part series in mind that will be a fairly extensive handbook about practical issues in gay adult entertainment (with cross references to posts I have already published). I will address exotic dancing and video work (mostly through pre-existing links); however, the main focus will be on seeing clients in person.

Over the course of these few years I have written about 400 entries, and I am getting questions about topics I have already addressed, because the information is spread out all across the three years I have been blogging. This “online course” for gay adult entertainment will put a great deal of practical information, advice, and observations into one place and will include links to older entries where it is easier to simply provide the information that already exists. The series will be posted on the Favorites page permanently, and will also have a permanent link in the sidebar on each page. This will help keep the set readily accessible to those who want it. In the meantime, if you have questions about adult entertainment, please scroll down and click on the category link called “Career Advice.” It is unwieldy, but I will be working on facilitating accessibility when I resume writing.

Thanks very much to those of you who have voiced concern for me. I am flattered that you care enough to reach out. Please know that all is well, and I look forward to getting your messages and comments on the upcoming entries.

Author: Devon Hunter

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    • Still trying to sell that, “if i turn into the light….just so….you don’t even know i’m wearing glasses” line??

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      • LOL I had forgotten that!!! LOL LOL Hey, that was the sales pitch the lady used to sell me those glasses in the first place… I was just trying to convince myself. HA!

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  1. Personally I love the glasses and “weight gaining phase” look… weight gaining phase? Seriously? lol Is that the new word for “normal weight” nowadays or something? lol :-p

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  2. smeagol hehe…you look great in the pic,maybe it’s silly but models look so ripped all the time that when (and if) they gain a bit of weight or simply are not 150% ripped with an 8 pack,they actually look “human”.I always lmao when ppl freak out when a model is “out of shape”for porn aka ripped as fuck in real life.have a nice one!

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  3. You and Smeagol both look great. Glasses, no glasses, weight gaining phases, definition phase. I have a hard time believing you could be anything other than gorgeous.

    Looking forward to the series.

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  4. Good to hear

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  5. I have to agree – I like the glasses. Really, you look great in any picture because your personality shines through in your smile. Just my opinion.

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