An Overnight for Japan

I can’t sleep, so I’m blogging an idea. While I was in San Francisco this past weekend a client had to cancel an appointment due to a local tsunami warning. At the time I wasn’t aware that there was one, and then as I was reading the news all weekend I started following what was happening. Reading about it and seeing still pictures made everything in Japan seem dire, but it wasn’t until I got home yesterday that I had reliable enough internet access to go into more depth. Seeing the videos yesterday afternoon of the enormous destruction in Sendai and other parts of Japan has made me nauseous with something that isn’t guilt, but which is still a nagging kind of draining emotion that I cannot quite describe. I really feel the need to reach out and make some kind of gesture to help.

I have come up with an idea, and I want to invite you to help me. I don’t know who “you” is, but hear me out, and if this proposal speaks to you, please contact me directly at [email protected] This is my proposal:

I would like to send a $1,000 donation to Red Cross or one of the other internationally recognized aid organizations operating in Japan during this triple crisis of earthquake-tsunami-nuclear meltdown. I propose lowering my overnight rate from $1,200 to $1,000 on a new booking. If you and I have already scheduled an overnight, it has been budgeted into the costs of that particular trip, so I need this to be a new booking independent of anything I have scheduled up until now. To ensure that this $1,000 goes to the aid work in Japan, I am happy to work out an arrangement with you such that you see the actual donation when I make it.

Whether you participate in this particular plan of mine or not, please consider what you might offer to help. Even if you cannot send money, please at least take a few moments to be thankful. If you are reading this from a place of security, safety, and comfort, please at least take a moment to send something positive from within yourself out to Japan.

Seeing these videos was like watching a child play with toy boats in a bath tub. We are so delicate. At any moment we can be swept away into chaos by any number of factors. Japan has been very generous throughout the many crises over the years involving natural disasters and other humanitarian efforts. The people of Japan deserve the support and comfort of humanity in return during this time of upheaval. Also, Japan is the third largest economy in the world: If the Japanese slide back into recession as a result of this destruction, they could drag the world economy back into financial instability just as growth is puttering into positive numbers. We all benefit by Japan recovering from these challenges as quickly as possible. We are all interconnected, so helping others will ultimately help you as well. Please help in whatever way you are able!

An update: Read about it here

SUCCESS!! Read about it here!

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Man, of ALL the times to be a broke college student! I feel like I’m missing out. 😉 At least I have met you before. And hopefully sometime soon will see you again.

    By the way, be careful with donations to the Red Cross. They tend to be mishandled:

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  2. Yes, I’ve been getting feedback and suggestions from people about various organizations to consider. Once I’ve given it some more thorough thought, I will go with that. Thanks for the link!

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  3. Well nuclear power is not to be played with so I hope this gives a wake up call, which it won’t, that this energy source is NOT the way to go. Safe. Pfffft.

    I think one thing is missing and obviously one cannot get over there it’s too dangerous even in Tokyo. And that is, language barrier aside, being an ear for any person directly or indirectly affected by this. We are all connected but throwing money is not the only thing. People need to be taken seriously and the rescue workers don’t have time to comfort.

    Also, this is serious and sad, but what about all the people and animals being saved. We only hear bodies and its grim, but alternative news sources are saying hundreds are being found. I think it is just they are not reunited with the people who are in their familes.

    I pray this never happens to San Francisco.

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  4. Get a bunch of porn stars, contemporary ones and maybe some out of retirement, build some glory holes and charge money. The porn stars won’t know who is sucking them but the customers will. Imagine the chance to suck a porn star’s dick to help out those in need.

    I’m serious, this is not a joke.

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  5. Update:
    I have scheduled my Japan overnight with someone who has offered to match my donation, and a couple friends have sent in donations, even though we won’t do an overnight. This brings the total thus far to $2,400, and I may schedule a second Japanese special. This would bring the total to $3,400. It occurred to me that $5,000 would help more than $1,000, so I am extending the offer until I reach this new benchmark. Please remember that you can send in smaller sums, if you prefer. They will all go to the relief work. NEW GOAL: $5,000.00!

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  6. Australia has raised a few million which is a shock as we had other disasters to give to. Keep going Devon!

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