New Scene: Suite 703 with Alexander Garrett

I’m getting ready to go to San Francisco in the morning for the weekend, and it’s going to be a short, but intense trip. The flight times aren’t good at all, and I am shooting a private scene with Tristan Jaxx as an experiment for a project we have in mind. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve also rearranged the blog layout, and I’ve been super busy with all sorts of other work and theatre projects simultaneously… so… I’m feeling crazed and energized, not ready to lie down and go to bed “early” for my flight in a few hours.

Anyway, as a reader in Australia would say, “Get back to the naked pics.” Well, Michael, here are some new naked pictures. The scene is for Suite 703’s “My Brother’s Hot Friend” line, and I am featured in a flip-flop scenario with Alexander Garrett (who is as sexy and friendly as you could possibly want – a real sweet heart). Although most people won’t pick up on the joke (and I do try to include some kind of lightness or humor in every scene I do), this scene shows me being tutored by Alexander in Spanish. I am struggling, but if you pay attention… When I finally cut to the chase, I suddenly speak Spanish just fine. We were speaking in mixed Spanish and English throughout the shoot between takes, so the joke I inserted is that when I want to get him naked, I have no trouble at all saying, “Mi hermano no sabe nada.” (In other words, I already knew how to speak Spanish… I just wanted my brother’s hot friend to come over, so I could pretend to need tutoring.)

Subtle, but sometimes less is more. LOL This link is also live in the Filmography.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Great new pictures btw! I will have to check into this site more often haha! Great work!

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  2. Awwww Devon 😉 I was joking you can put up tons of photos of your past don’t worry me.

    And what is this ‘private’ nonsense with Tristan, we want to see some Jaxx/Hunter action. Tristan is a DJ, how about a scene where he dj’s you dance at some club and then…well…just an idea ;)You don’t seem to be able to concentrate much on the real task when some one drops their pants :0. Then again I wouldn’t either.

    Oh BTW nice to see some rimming, I know it is risky even when clean but to me it’s the ultimate.

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  3. Devon, I know things are going on that make all these things seem unimportant but at the same time I know you like feedback.

    I have not seen the film but I have now seen the photo set of My Brother’s Best friend with Alex.

    I have a positive view of the scene. I especially like the look on your face when Alex is inside you.

    However, Alex’s cock head is amazing so the scene would have been awesome if he would have cum on your face and rubbed it. I know safety issues etc, but again, the scene is overall good so I look forward to seeing more of these type of scenes with you as long as you are willing to do porn. Again, that is just my view, but again porn critique is fun and you seen the only guy in porn willing to entertain feedback. 🙂

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