*Cue the theme music from “Jaws”

I have come to the realization that the best friends you will ever have are the ones who get away with posting pics of you from middle and high school on Facebook. This is what happens when 9th grade and 1990 collide. I think I’m going to go die now. LOL

So, this is what 20 years does to a person, eh? This portrait was taken on the Wednesday before school started on Monday. I remember they had to make the ID’s by hand, and they needed a few days to get your yearbook and ID photo done at the same time. What a monkey. Wow.

This other one is from my 13th birthday party – I had the same birthday as Leslie, so we shared parties several years (so that people wouldn’t have to pick which one to go to). This particular year we had it at Dad’s house. The next year it was her turn to pick the place, and we all went to Putt-Putt. I hate Putt-Putt. I needed something like 38 strokes on the hole with the windmill spinning around. I think I actually walked over and clobbered the damn windmill with my Putt-Putt whacker. Yeah, that’s pretty ignorant (especially since I got a hole in one on the previous shot by accident). LOL

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. That’s not as bad as my picture, 9th grade and 1989. I wore the dress that I had made in 8th grade home ec to freshman orientation at a private school. It was awful and I was utterly and completely clueless.

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  2. Oh please let’s get back to cock and ass photos 😉 (Aussie humour)

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  3. haha this is awesome!I SEE YOU Rhythm Nation t-shirt!!

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    • 5-4-3-2-1… With music on our side to break the color lines: Let’s work together to improve our way of life. Join voices in protest to social injustice (a generation full of courage, come forth with me: People of the world today are we lookin’ for a better way of life?) SANG! “We are a part of the Rhythm Nation!”

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