New Scene: Suite 703 w/Aaron and Damon

Well, that was quick turn around… Here’s the link to a video I shot only about two or three weeks ago. It’s a threesome with Aaron Styles and Damon Audigier. It’s for Suite703’s “Hot Jocks, Nice Cocks” brand. I am actually interested in seeing the beginning of this, because the idea for this one makes use of my experience as a dancer: Rather than massaging a hurt wrist, making out in the locker room, or talking about basketball (which I wouldn’t be able to do), this is a dance lesson that gets more familiar than usual (or not, depending on how you feel about being touched while receiving correction). LOL Anyway, I get to dance a very little bit in this one, and that is utterly fabulous. YAY! This video is linked on the Filmography.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. GOOD LORD!!!! I agree with Big C

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  2. My god at last a film that isn’t about “hmmm coach my ankle is hurting can you help me out”.

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  3. Saw this scene today. Love the way you gave it to Damon

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  4. I just watched the trailer for this, and I actually think it’d be a scene I wouldn’t cringe about so much. LOL But… the trailer is enough for me. hahaha

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  5. “You should be able to learn it within a year” LOLOLOL

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