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I am posting these five short entries in short order, so that an entry I don’t want to look at will cycle off the front page. I gave vent to my spleen, and although I have zero regrets about doing that (it would have been much worse to let those feelings fester inside), it doesn’t mean I want to look at it anymore. What’s done is done, and I don’t delete entries once I’ve published them. They are part of the documentation of a real person, for better or worse, and I would just prefer it become like a Tweet and disappear into the ongoing constant feed and flow. So, I am done for now. I’m feeling ready for sleep. I’m full of really good Japanese food after a very pleasant rendez-vous, and I am just doing a little palette cleansing here on the blog before I turn in for the night.

So, I look forward to getting back to the happy bidnizz of being content… starting… NOW. 🙂

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. If you have a post u wish would cycle off the page…..tell somebody u miss how it would be great to see their smile again….or how great it would be if the crumbs at the bottom of the toaster would clean themselves….or how amazing the softness of smeagol’s ear is….just get off the soapbox for a while.
    I love that you put yourself out there….u know i do…but deal with the reprecussions a tad better.
    just saying

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    • I already did that. 🙂 That’s why I started with “I am posting these five short entries in short order…” xo

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    • Oh, and it’s not an excuse, it’s context: The night I got so pissed with QC it was after I’d already been agitated by random messages from “the debt ex” after I’d thought to be completely rid of him and his memory. Not an excuse, just explaining why the keg was already primed to explode.

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  2. Well done and well said.

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  3. Things can only get better well said Devon

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