New Scene: “Parker’s Mirage” with Parker London

Okay, earlier this week I had a false alarm when a publicity still was released. Sorry again for that! This, however, is not a fake: The scene I shot with Parker London back in October, 2010 was released this morning. I actually have a link to a preview for the scene this time, so now wild goose chases. LOL It’s funny that this was already four months ago. I remember the trip so vividly. This was the first of the three scenes I did that weekend. I remember we had some funny technical difficulties for this pairing: The luscious scenery was full of waterfalls and such, and that’s great, but all the water kept shorting the lights out while we were losing daylight. LOL We got through it, dropped Parker off somewhere to eat, and then made a sushi run. Fun fun fun. I love Falcon. Their sets are good times. Click this text or the photo itself to see the preview. The link for this scene is updated in the Filmography.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Devon you and Parker London are hot together!

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  2. Nice Devon!!I like the way you kiss London,it looks really sweet,wished there was more at the beginning!May I ask,is it a choice from the director entirely or are you able to let’s say kiss when you feel like kissing?

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  3. I haren’t seen the video, and I don’t remember kissing him. If I did, then it was spontaneous and organic.

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  4. I’m sorry it does nothing for me, so mechanical and dull, Parker is not usually exciting, though he is good looking on screen, though he was great with Berke Banks in the school principal’s office, but his sorry don’t like it at all no offence just my view others will like it and it will sell so all good.

    I hope you don’t work for Titan I have been in another city for a while and they play Titan Men videos and they are so contrived, there is nothing more boring than having guys stare at each others’ penises like they have never seen one in their life. One movie there is a hot cub guy and the scene was so badly edited it took the shine off it. Falcon tends not to do that, they seemed to be one studio that did not during the nineties have every man so tanned and white.

    On the positive side I thank you because I think I have the beginnins of sleep apnia so I will look at that when I return home in a while.

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  5. wow michael from australia I couldn’t disagree more with everything you’ve just said,but please don’t feel sorry for yourself lol.

    I just read the new update about queerclick fucking wow I actually had no clue about it,I know they exist but never really checked that blog,I think the few I read,ALL have in their comments released information that should have kept private,even forums that are actually pretty careful have,porn insiders as well,maybe unintentionally,but I start to grow really weary of that word,sometimes removing it is too late,the damage’s done.I also believe that behind their anonymity shell,”porn people” themselves realease information with the specific intent to hurt and cause damage to their own colleagues,out of jelosy or pure desire to inflict pain.I went completely ot.

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  6. I mean let me clarify this:I couldn’t care less if a user likes or not a scene the owner of this blog is in ohoho yeah small detail..but who ever starts whatever they have to say,and shoot me dead if I have or ever will,with the obnoxious “I’m sorry but,no offence” just pisses me off no matter what.You’re implying that what you’re about to say might hurt or disappoint or offend someone you actually might care about,but fuck that!you go ahead anyway and use your sorry-assed expression as a hammer.Sorry my ass,if you have something negative to say,tell it like it is or stfu,be honest or stfu because you’re not being clever nor polite.Sorry no offence but your comments,all of them,just piss the fuck out of my blood stream,no offence buddy uh…it’s me,it’s NOT you.Sorry again.

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  7. Woaw! Hold on, fellas!! Please don’t escalate this. I already dumped enough anger onto the blog today. Please just let this simmer. Michael, I appreciate your candor, but I also appreciate Kal’s need for accountability. Let me just say that I didn’t feel mechanical doing this scene, but if there are ways I can improve I’m open to hearing it. Also, although I am guilty of being inflammatory myself when I get full of (self?)-righteous indignation, I would hate it if users here started being mean to each other. Please, let this rest. xoxo

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    • Oh noes I’m not angry I was just being sarcastic.Well I really mean the things I say but I’m not angry,not even when someone ruins my perfect fap fantasy.I’ll add *sarcasm* next time but I’m afraid someone will get all offended because I imply they lack sense of humor..oh Devon..this is why I don’t post much haha.

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  8. Nah Devon/Kal I don’t feel offended or anything it is great to debate sex scenes in any forum.

    It is simply my view of this scene, it does not mean the following:

    A) I don’t find you attractive as I do though I prefer Bears and Titan men I think you are good looking.

    B) I felt Parker was hotter with Berke but I simply like Berke’s look and I have spoken with him two years ago (Berke I mean) and I just like his hairy look that is what it boils down to but it does not mean I don’t find your body and looks attractive. Remember we are talking porn, not the real world.

    C) To me the scene is mechanical but again that is my view only. You do not have to improve anything, you are fine as you are in your scenes. It is simply I am not turned on by this scene. That’s all.

    I think it is like anything we love or like, it is not 100% perfect. For example, I like Paul Wagner as you know but I don’t like his new hair cut. Now, he does not care, but that does not mean I have given up my undying love for him and Heath Jordon (yes I know they are both partnered but this is fantasy land so stay with me :)))

    My point Devon is I simply did not like that scene that’s all that is me, I don’t want you to change only if you want to change something about yourself or your performance. It is the same with Parker, I just find him hotter in other films. Even my evergreen Falcon porn stars like Al Parker in the 70’s, he looked hideous with long hair yet his films are still hot as. It is like your favourate band – you may not like a song or album of theirs but you still keep going to the show. For example, I adore Janet Jackson but hate her song Black Cat. It is just a view one has on the creative output of anyone’s work music, film, porn, whatever. It is not a put down of your body of work porn, blog and modelling.

    You don’t need to improve Devon, self-esteem is not based on a blog and the views expressed on them and the price of internet freedom is we hear things we don’t like. In this case I just did not like that scene, but it certainly does not mean I don’t like you as a performer, blogger and enjoy the interactions online you provide. Remember, you and Rusty – I shot buckets over that scene 🙂

    Kal you are a gem :)))) agree with you.

    Hugs Devon


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    • I’m glad you lol’d at my comments,once in a while I just unleash the troll within me!

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  9. I bet you are a bear :)))

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