New Scene: with Mike Rivers

WOW! That was fast turn around!! I just shot this scene five days ago, and it’s already live (and it continues the theme of my scenes going live on holidays). Happy Valentine’s Day! Mike Rivers is a newbie, and he was a good guy to work with. The set was very casual and friendly, and I enjoyed doing this scene with Mike. We were just texting a few minutes ago – I’ll have to let him know our little romp is already up and running…

Click the photo or this text to see the page.

EDIT 2/14/11: Or maybe its just a publicity still? I couldn’t find the video, but this image is released. Sorry for the false alarm.

EDIT 3/3/11: Now it is definitely up and running. The links are available here and in the Filmography.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. I find the words ‘work’ to describe sex as abhorrent and an affront to decent society. Sex should not be work. Also lay off the twink scenes I want to see some meat not boys that look like they have come from starvation in the Sudan. Blah.

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    • You have strong opinions. Perhaps you would consider tempering them with a tad less presumption? What you may find abhorrent others find attractive and vice versa. You are welcome to comment here so long as you conduct yourself with decorum.

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  2. Like I said on the other blog on I don’t like that site at all. It makes 30 sound old when it is not.

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  3. These days it is quite young. Society needs to catch up.

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