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Hey there! I’m about to go to Florida for the week, and I can’t sleep. I’m such a night owl. Sigh. Well, I’ll try to get some rest, but I’ve got concealer, anti-inflammatory eye drops, and enthusiasm to get me through the first day just in case (I’m shooting in less than 12 hours!). is just that: A site that focuses on models over 30. I am so glad I decided to admit my age when I started doing videos back in April, 2009. I insisted on it. I was tired of passing for 24 in the clubs at the time, and it’s one of the reasons I “outed” myself as a 30-something when I started at Sean Cody. No regrets, baby!

I will also be doing more work for Suite703. I already did a scene for My Brother’s Hot Friend with Hunter Ford, and I did one for I’m A Married Man with Bobby Clark. I am doing two new scenes, but I don’t know if they’ll be for Hot Jocks Nice Cocks and Men Hard At Work or not. At any rate, I’d better try to get some rest. I just wanted to break the blog silence. It’s been a very busy week, and I apologize for disappearing. Also, if you have emailed me in the last few days and not gotten a response, I am sorry for that. I have been trying to get caught up on all sorts of personal and artistic projects. I will be replying soon! xoxo

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Florida? Cool! I’m in Florida.. Tampa. I’m guessing you are going to Ft. Lauderdale/Miami.

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      • Its funny, I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale but was never there when wilton manors and the big gayborhood began.. I always miss all the fun :-p lol

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  2. How do you keep up all that libido? Holy hell that is a lot of sex. Not to be mean but wow. That takes talent.

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  3. I did 3 scenes: For I topped newcomer Mike Rivers (a cute blonde); for the first Suite703 I did Hot Jocks Nice Cocks as a top in a three-way with Damon Audigier and a newcomer whose stage name I can’t remember; and for the last scene I did a flip-flop for My Brother’s Hot friend with Alexander Garrett. 🙂

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  4. Hello Devon

    I, as usual, wanted to ask you something just some food for thought that I have observed.

    First aside from Matt Rush who I dislike (just me) Men Over 30 is hot as especially if Parker Williams, who I have spoken to once, is in the films. Whilst I don’t have a suit tie fetish, I love Suite 703. One scene with Rusty and some Italian guy is one of my favs.

    However, the Married Man is is very hot as well but I wanted to digress a second.

    Why is it as gay men some of us do the following:

    We celebrate seducing the straight guy especially if they are married.


    If another man is in a relationship with a another man and you so much look at them you get slapped around by drama queens.

    So, why is it ok to have sex with a married guy who has a wife and children, but it is not ok to have sex with a gay partnered guy?

    Now I am being very general and speaking from an Australian gay society point of view, but it seems from recent comments I have seen on or off line, to be gay and have sex with a partnered gay man is off limits and morally wrong, yet having sex with a hetrosexual guy who is married with kids is seen as a symbol and perfectly ok.

    Double standards – again just my view.

    BTW also, any chance of having a load on your face and getting the cameraman to linger a bit longer on the end product, one movie you did it was over it seconds.

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  5. Hey Michael,

    Your questions are part and parcel with the gay-for-pay phenomenon, which I do not support. Even when I was in Suite703’s “I’m a Married Man” with Bobby Clark it was set up so that it was ME who was the married gay man, because I wouldn’t do a scene where I seduced a married straight man. I have blogged extensively about how I feel vis à vis heterosexual worship. I think all of it is an expression of internalized homophobia. STRAIGHT MEN ARE NOT BETTER THAN GAY MEN.

    As for the videography: I have absolutely zero influence on any of that. I didn’t realize I even had a scene with a cum shot on my face. Most companies I work for avoid those, since they fall under riskier sex practices. So regardless of how long the facial lasted, I don’t remember it being a choreographed shot for any of my scenes. Which was it?? As for lingering on the end shot, if it faded quickly there was probably a specific reason for it that I’m not aware of being in front of the camera, rather than behind it. The companies often listen to viewer input, so if you want longer shots of the finished cum shots, I would suggest you email the companies in question and request it.

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  6. Hello Devon

    Might have got the cum shot thing mixed up with a Falcon movie.

    As for the first part, I agree totally. I don’t have a problem with who does what, it is up to others to learn lessons etc, but it does annoy me when I hear how some guys think hetrosexual seduction is such a trophy. Thanks for reply.

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  7. I don’t like the name menover30. I think it makes it sound like men in their 30s are too old to look good and be porn performers, and the site is showcasing the rare ones who are. Thirty isn’t what it was in like 1930. 30 these days is very young.

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